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Chromed Plastic Deterioration or corrosion

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Fragbait, May 19, 2010.

  1. Hi everyone, I've noticed a problem with my ride and hoping someone has a solution to help me out.

    Here's the background: Basically my bike is parked in a multi-level carpark in the city (Melbourne) where the walls only come up to waist height leaving it exposed to the wind and air.

    Over the last year I've noticed that plastic parts on my bike that are 'chromed' are looking worse for wear. It actually looks as though they are suffering from corrosion and I suspect that it's actually salt and other polutants blowing over my bike constantly (I'm not far from the Bay). I've noticed this same look on the plastic chrome on the make and model lettering on the boot of my car.

    So can anyone confirm:
    1. What is likely doing this to the plastic chrome?
    2. What can I do to prevent or at least reduce the severity of this happening?
    3. Is there any way to undo the damage already done?

    Some people might ask why I'm not using a bike cover but I've run into problems in doing this. Early on I started using a cover but the area the bike is parked in is extremely windy. This meant that all the dirt and dust was simply blowing up under the cover anyway so it really wasn't helping to keep the bike clean and protected.

    Even worse though was that because of the wind the cover was always moving around on the bike. Now the dust blowing up under the cover, plus the constant wind movement resulted in the cover acting like sandpaper and I noticed that there was severe abrasion on prominent surfaces like the edges of my mirrors, leading edge of the front mud guard and so on. Yes, I even had some occy straps to try and hold it as firmly in place as possible and reduce the amount of crap blowing up under the cover but that really didn't help at all. So in summary, a bike cover isn't a good solution, and no, I can't park it out of the wind.

    So, is there some sort of cleaning product I could use that would leave a strong protective coating that would resist this problem? Any other solutions that people want to suggest?
  2. Try Mr Sheen as it leaves a coating behind. But plastic chrome is crap and there is not a lot you can really do.
  3. Can you build a timber frame big enough to roll the bike into ? Walled with thin ply wood ?

    What sort of carpark are you talkng about ? They probley wont let you do it. But it was worth a try.

    If you are in units, can you park in the stair well ?

    I used to roll my bike into our works storage cage in the carpark because the buildings carpark was own by williams parking or something like that & they wouldnt allow me to park my bike in a corner. My work owns the storage cage in the carpark so i was allowed to fit it into there.
  4. Short of changing the storage conditions somehow, I think Mattisan is on the right track - clean well and coat with wax or something. You'll obviously need to reapply it every so often.

    There are a few places around Melbourne that could re-apply the coating - some will scoff at a small retail job but someone will do it. I don't think it's outrageously expensive, but it won't be cheap. May or may not be worth it depending on what the parts actually are (how fiddly they are, if some areas are painted as well as chromed etc.).

    Out of curiosity, what/how old is the bike?
  5. could trying selling the hyosung

    +1 to wax/polish its the only way,
    U can fix damage already done.
    its corroding cause the quality of the chrome is crap/unpure but in a salty enviroment everything will rust even quality chromes, will just take longer.
  6. hmmm ok just did some quick Googling...

    "The process of Chrome-plating on Plastic and fibreglass is more difficult than performing the same operation on a metal. It is a very specialized field.

    Practically anything can be Chrome- plated.

    I guess you could take the plastic parts off and get them "re-chromed" if possible?

    I would have thought that the plastic parts would flex, which results in small cracks in the chrome... which eventually open up and let in the elements and fall off. So even if re-chromed, its going to continually happen.
  7. A can of Chrome spray would be cheaper and would do the job or FTW and paint it all matte black!