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CHromed Plastic and New Chrome Metal

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by mstamos, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. Can anyone suggest what will be a good polish for chromed plastic and new chromed metal - want a shiny bike without wrecking it in my efforts to have it shiny

  2. what u mean chromed plastic
  3. I would recommend metal polish, workas a treat. and chromed plastic is plastic with the "shiny metal" finish; still uses chromium in the paint.
  4. For new chrome (and in particular clear-coated chrome) I'd be staying away from any of the particularly abrasive metal polishes (ie Autosol). Really any non-abrasive car polish that's safe for use on plastics should work fine.
  5. thanks people
  6. My Sheen is your friend
  7. Are yu sure Woodsy? Mr Sheen I thougfh was only for furniture although I have heard others using it on their bikes (I presume not on the seats otherwise it would be - Slip SLiding away when going through bends)
  8. yep great for plastic and for cleaning gungy wheels

    and leaves your bike smelling lemony fresh ;)
  9. Cheers - I'll give it a go :grin:
  10. Window cleaner is another i would try. The Boulevard has lots of chrome, believe me it works perfect.. :grin:
  11. + 1 or Pledge, it's the same stuff. Avoid the Mr Sheen with added oils, yuk.