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Chrome Spraying

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by evil r1, Jun 28, 2007.

  1. Spray on Chrome Is Available Now
    In Many Colours Gold Chrome Ect
    Mirror Finish
    Can Be Sprayed On Any Surface
    More Picture And Video will be Posted up Soon
    Any Enquires Please Post or Pm Thankyou.



  2. looks nice is it available in bulk(like spray in a proper spray gun) instead of stupid spray pressure packs. looks nice gives me ideas for my next bike
  3. it not paint or pressure Pack it the only way to chrome it an actual machine i will post some video tommor to show you how it works and how i do it
  4. SO, what happened to the rest of the posts in this thread?????????????????

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. what u mean
  6. great i ll keep a eye out
  7. damm i wana noe how that works
  8. Glad to see someone is wearing protective gear... :shock:
  9. mmmm chrome gas tank on the cafe?? :cool: :cool:

    I guess you culd chrome the tank, apply decals and then clear coat it??

    Would that me much cheaper than polishing the tank?
  10. i dont know but chroming a tank will be charged at $ 800
  11. So whats the average cost involved in (painting) chroming bike fairings like what whats been done in the pics?
  12. well a complete bike is around $5000 and a Wheel is around $450 the pictures in the fairing is chromes and some are black chrome and some is blue chrome
  13. So is it done, is it sprayed or powder coated or what??

    The black chrome looks good. Just out of interest, could you do this to a car?
  14. it a spray on process a CaR Can Be Done but Would cost a New CAr
  15. 8+ pics in a post :roll: i like the lavish colours and the spray ap chrome but the mods will tear you a new one if you dont split those pics up...... 3 per post mate and this thread might last 2 days....
  16. 636 is lookin good mate, can't wait to see it back together :grin:

    Edit: Is the R1 gonna get the same treatment?
  17. I believe it is done by spraying two solutions on the part at the same time. Silver nitrate and either hydrochloric acid or sodium chloride. These then mix and silver chloride precipiatates out and hardens to form the chrome like coating.

    Any confirmations on this?

    I'm just wondering how they get the coloured ones.