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Chrome Detailing

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by zilli, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. Hi All,

    Just got myself a VT750c2 recently and its got some chrome on it that i'd like to give a good clean (was a demo) and keep that way...

    Ive got Mothers mag and aluminium polish at home, but it says that its not suitable for plated metals including chrome... Also got Autosol and that says that it's suitable for chrome but i have heard it is quite abrasive...

    lil help guys?


  2. I use Autosol.
    Scratches are more to do with a dirty cloth than anything else.
    I have also heard some people use toothpaste. If nothing else it will give the bike a ring of confidence :LOL:
  3. Autosol is great on old chrome. New chrome however usually has a thin transparent layer over the top to protect it, in which case using autosol or any other abrasive will only strip away this protective coating and leave the chrome exposed to the elements.

    Better off just giving the chrome a wash then polishing with a non-abrasive car polish. Do not use aluminium wheel cleaner - that usually contains HF acid as an active ingredient which will attack chrome.
  4. Normal car polish is good for chrome
  5. good advice boys, im plannign to give the bike a good wash soon... give it a scrub down and see how good it comes up...

    whilst car pain polish is still an abrasive, it wouldnt be as abrasive as the metal polish i suppose...

    what about wheel spokes? i dont think they are chrome... look more like allow to me?

    i really want a product that is going to clean the chrome up and keep it shining if you know what i mean...
  6. Not if you buy a non-abrasive polish - ie a pure wax.
  7. yeh but wax is not polish... not to sound like an asshole... i think i need a cleaner... a pure wax puts a coating on top, doesnt clean the surface... unless i get an all in one propduct i suppose...

    Anyway i just got out there with 2 microfibre cloths, one damp and one dry... wipe the crap off the buffed with the dry... pretty good outcome, but i know there are some place where a bit of a clean would be good...
  8. Which would be why I said clean first, then polish.

    Wax is a polish, just that instead of grinding down raised surfaces you fill in the low points. Either way you can still achieve a flat surface.
  9. When talking about car products - cutting/cleaning compounds take away material- ranging in level of abrasiveness. Polish purely fills in the "gaps", doesn't take away any material, its really just a glaze/filler. Wax is a protective coating that just goes straight over the top.

    To clean newish chrome(or any kind of polished metal really), try wicked lightning shine metal polish. Isn't too abrasive, leaves an excellent shine and goes on and comes off with ease. To clean dirtier more tarnished metal try some autosol, it is more abrasive, it also takes a little more elbow grease, need to butt it off well to get that shine going.
  10. i have to say, detailing is one of my passions, and a hobby i have been pursuing for a mnay number of years... ive got numerous products and have detailed for money, so the charactersitcs of different products are quite familiar to me...

    What i am not completely sure of is chrome, as ive never had to deal with this much, in such a high proportion on a subject...

    Im just worried about using the wrong product on something i have never experienced and detailed before...

    Thanks for all the tips guys...
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