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Christmas Trees

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Chef, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. It's that time of the year again, and this year we're going to go with the real live dead option.
    I found these ones in Heatherton (near Dingley) They seem to be a good price to me, $40 for an app' two metre tree. It's run by the local Lions Club and the proceeds go to them.


    If you come across any others post em up.
  2. don't get me started on xmas trees, been selling them since I was 16 though dad progressively took over... it is this 24 day a year job that has taught me customers are complete f***ing moronic retarded time wasters that need to be smacked in the face with a cricket bat...

    but they bring money...

    this is the last year we are selling, anyone in the woodend area want a cheap brilliant tree PM me...
  3. Im selling living Norwegian Spruce Christmas trees in the nursery at the moment, they are only small though as they are a new product. They come in 12 inch pots and are about 1 metre tall, not much but they will grown bigger in years to come.
    Good for young kids to grow up with and decorate every year.

    I'm in Lower Plenty if anyone is after one. PM me if interested
  4. Is anyone selling cheap Easter Eggs yet?
  5. Get on board mate, you know you wanna.
  6. We have a plug-in fibre-optic lit tree that we got last year.

    It is brilliant.

    I was so over decorating the tree about... 15 years ago.
  7. :LOL: I haven't had a christmas tree in about 14 years!! The next time i will have one will be the day i have kids, even then i'll be breaking it early to them that Santa is not real, just like i was told :LOL:
  8. We had a Blue Spruce in a pot when I was a kid. It lived outside most of the year and came in for Christmas. At the time I thought everyone did that, so I was really surprised when I went to my friend's place and saw this dying pine tree in a bucket in the corner. Personally, I'd prefer an artificial tree to that.

    I'm living away from home due to work and planning on getting a small conifer in a pot as my Christmas tree this year for my "second home". Unfortunately I'm nowhere near Lower Plenty, or you'd have a sale.
  9. I'm all for the living tree in a pot, or the artificial tree. I think however the cut down dead tree is just stupid. I was married to an American and we had to do that every year because that's their tradition of course. Cutting down a tree here in the middle of summer and sticking it in your lounge room where it takes about 3 days to dry up and die and drop all its needles everywhere despite all the water you sit it in and then you throw it away...I don't see the point. Cut one down in winter when the trees are effectively in hibernation and they don't immediately die you at least get a tree that lasts longer

    It's nice to have the pine smell in the house but is there really any need to kill a tree for it? Once I got rid of the American wife I got a nice artificial tree that I get to re-use every year.

    I had two Spruce's outside my place but both unfortunately died from the drought. I'm right by Lower Plenty...hmmm maybe I'll get a Norwegian in a pot. QNBEE are you in the florist's shop in the Lower Plenty shopping centre?
  10. Plug and play netrider version> [​IMG]
  11. Wadda ya mean Santa is not real... of course he's real, otherwise who brings all the presents :?: :p
  12. Well ??? Is someone going to tell Stu ?

    Ya Gutless wonders :roll:

    .. Sorry mate, BUT :

  13. Banoobi
    does the tree plug into ur bike and fit ontop the tank (or better panniers)?? :p
    That would be cool
  14. Bluesuede I run a nursery in Bolton St Lower Plenty called Wagon Wheel Nursery. I am only there now til Friday 6pm then off on holidays, but there is someone here on Saturday. I just got 4 more in today so if you want one let me know cause I will have to put it aside as they are going fast?
  15. I have the same as Ktulu. No mess. No decorations required.
    The Grandkids love it.

    Biggest biatch is storing the bugger for 11 months.