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Christmas Toy Ride Melbourne 2007

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jutzy, Dec 10, 2007.

  1. I would like to say that I usually enjoy the Christmas Run, lets just say that the turn out this year was a bit low. I was definitely expecting more people to show up considering that it was not as hot as last year.

    The police escort was, hate to say it very bad this year especially over the west gate bridge. There was a guy pushing his way through 15 riders to get to the left lane and he proceeded to abuse everyone after he got off.

    There was much better organisation once we were at Williams towns, Kudos for the organisers and a thank you very much to the residence for allow thousands of bike descend down there for the day.

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  3. Thx for the link Ladyrider!
  4. Disappointed with the turn out this year?

    Which Toy Run were you at? The bikes back filled all the way from Spencer St all the way back past Queen St - which was a pretty good turn out in my books.

    Then there were 1500 bikes which came up from Cranbourne and went straight to Williamstown - because we didn't have enough room to fit them in at Latrobe Street.

    Remember - there are a lot of other Toy Runs held all over the place elswhere that take the pressure off the Melbourne ride. There was one at Geelong and Mornington which spring to mind - and still we got 12,500 in Latrobe St on Sunday.....

    Think yourselves lucky that you were able to attend this year's Toy Run in Latrobe St this year guys. There were quite a few obstacles being thrown up in the way of making this event happen in 2007 and there are certain forces which would be quite happy to have had this one be the last.... But, this my friends is only a rumour - one day I'll write a book about it (5 days prior we had only 4 police allocated - which got increased significantly after we went and spoke to the "right people".....).
  5. 12,500 bikes????

    Pleeeease...............I have been to a few toyruns and that wasn't anywhere near 12,500 bikes. That's the figure you gave to the media.

    I agree re: the police escort, it was shitfull from the minute it turned onto Footscray road, all the way till it turned off Melbourne road there were cars darting in and out everywhere.

    As for Williamstown, the only truck that seemed to be there to do any collecting was one pissy 3 tonne truck in the middle of the park?

    Now stop being so fcuken defensive John, would you prefer that all reports are full of shit, tell you all how fcuken marvelous it was and blow smoke up your arse?

    To me, it was a pretty piss poor performance, attendance wise.
    I didn't hang around at Williamstown, I had worked a 16 hour day/night and only had 90 minutes sleep. I started work at 1930 Sunday night so I needed the sleep. Therefore I can not comment on the activities that were on offer.

    He should consider himself lucky? nice one :roll:

  7. here's what we did in Warrnambool, Vic...
    we had no police escort etc


    THE Salvation Army has more than 300 presents to put under the branches of it's Christmas tree thanks to the 15th south-west toy run.

    The presents, which will be given to underprivileged children, sat on the back of more than 200 motorbikes which travelled from Port Fairy to Lake Pertobe on Saturday.

    Organiser Trevor Warnecke said more than 300 people gathered at Lake Pertobe at the end of the joyride.

    ``It was a great family day,'' he said.

    The annual toy run involves bikers collecting gifts and giving them to the Salvation Army.

    ``It's a way for us to give something to the community,'' Mr Warnecke said.

    There were smiles all round at Lake Pertobe on Saturday, especially on the children who attended.

    ``It was the best one we have had so far,'' Mr Warnecke said.

    Gordon Main, from the Salvation Army, agreed it was the most successful toy run and said the event was getting bigger and better each year.

    ``We collected 311 toys which was great,'' Mr Main said. ``The event is expanding each year and is something we always look forward to.''
  8. Then pull it away from Williamstown. Hobsons Bay have been reaming the event ever since Dean Knightingale took it there. Tell em to fcuk off and take it elswhere.

    You missed the bit where I stated that I worked a 16 hour shift, had 90 mins sleep and then did the toy run? Selective reading?

    So far, the critics were riders that attended on Sunday.
    No, the Pink Ribbon Ride resignation was due to an error in judgment by the organising committee that was bought to light on Netrider. Blaming Netrider for that resignation is just stupid.

    I stated that is was a Pissy attendance effort
  9. Sorry Vic, I may have taken it a bit far - your work committments are acknowledged. Great to know that you made the effort to be there.

    As for Williamstown - the fact is, its the best destination for a number of reasons:

    A. It is the simplest route from CBD with fewest traffic lights.

    B. It is the right distance for scooters - we could head for City of Casey - who would be all too happy to have us, and releive us of a huge logistic/funding burden, but its a long ride.

    C. Williamstown has the best and friendliest restaurant setup. Face it - Nelson Place is a nice place to go for food, drinks, coffee etc.

    D. The real problem is that the ride has grown so big (OK maybe not 12,000) that it scares the City of Melb/Police etc (Williamstown Council staff are actually very helpful and supportive) to the point where they make us do (what we consider) ridiculous things and cater for every likely possibility.

    The size of the Toy Run means that we must find the money to install toilets, road barriers, and a myriad of other things. You should see their requirements for the Event Management Plan - it takes months to prepare and then many meetings to resolve all their "issues".
  10. I have to say that the point about multiple collection points was good.

    Instead of having to walk blocks and blocks to drop a toy there was a collection point (and a coffee van) up near a park a few blocks up in the side streets.

    Made life quite a bit easier... I could park, drop the toy and head off back home.
  11. I was speaking to Austin Webb this afternoon on this subject. He was with the team setting everything up in Williamstown from 7am on Sunday.

    Austin told me that there was a constant stream of bikes arriving during the morning - dropping toys and then departing. It seems that quite a few bikes, clubs, individuals came straight to Williamstown due to other commitments that stopped them going to Latrobe Street first. Evidently some clubs had a QGM that day etc.

    Having watched everything from the Williamstown end Austin says he is pretty confident that - across the day - there was something near 10,000 bikes attended the Toy Run.

    So - looks can be deceptive :grin:
  12. I'm just looking forward to joining the crowd next year for the ride ... it's worth taking the time off work!