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Christmas TIME. I've done it again!!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Caz V1, Dec 24, 2007.

  1. So, its xmas eve, shops close in a couple of hours and I am still yet to get gifts for my folks. Same deal every year, no matter how early I start to plan, I always have trouble on buying for my folks.
    I could go and buy booze, or choccies, or any number of things to satisfy the requirement of gift giving, but somehow it never seems to be a gift that relays my sentiments.

    Every year it is the same, and I end up buying things at the last minute that I could have gotten way earlier if only I had of stopped procrastinating and done it.

    So, after pondering this recurring scenario I have decided to take a different approach this year.
    Rather than buy a gift that is tangible, and go through the same drama again next year, I am going to give my folks the gift of my time. Yep, thats right, time, something we all want, but never have enough off, and can't get back once it's gone.
    I am going to build my mum a vegie garden and spend lots of time at her house tending to it. Not only will we spend time together, it will be something she can look at from her window and know it is an ongoing gift of love and appreciation from me to her.

    I can't wrap it, so my problem is how to actually go about presenting her with my gift, that is non tangible, anyone got any suggestions as to how I should give this gift of time, do I write a note with a pledge, or show up with a basket of seedlings and a shovel.
    I'm going to give each of them ( mum and step dad) a bottle of their favourite plonk, but I want to relay the xmas message in a different way,
    afterall, the real meaning of xmas is not about gifts, it's about love and hope and all the other stuff that we go on about that isn't able to be purchased with money.

    So, this is where I give all my NR family a christams gift, I sincerely hope you all have a fantastic day tomorow with your family's and friends, I wish you all a safe and prosperous new year, along with good health and happy hearts. Next time we cross paths be sure to come and collect your gift of time from me, come sit with me, chat, laugh, relax and whatever, I know it sounds a bit mushy but really I can't think of anything better to give someone than the chance to share some time together.

    Merry Christmas everyone,
    gotta dash, I'm running out of time :wink:
  2. Hi Caz, Merry Christmas to you and family also. Great idea for a gift, probably too late now but I think your idea of a pledge document is a good one. If you include the thoughts/reasoning that you expressed above then I am sure your Mum will be stoked.

    Now you just have to find the time to make the garden ;)

    Have a good Christmas.
  3. Hi caz, even though we are strangers and that, you touched me with your words. Merry Christmas to you and you, and thanks for ur time :)
  4. Hey Caz,

    That's a nice idea, maybe you could put the note in a little pouch with a ribbon :)

    ** Merry Christmas **
  5. Take a photograph of their garden, then add "digital" vegetables to it along with the things you intend to do, e.g. Lay some pavers, sleepers, rocks, etc...
  6. Merry Christmas Caz :)

    hey remember a certain nursery when you purchase your seeds :wink: if you have been nice this year you may even get a good discount :wink:

    we gotta catch up soon, need to give you your gloves back and we need to have a NY drink as I am now legal enough to at least have 1 :LOL:
  7. Caz ..
    what a wonderful idea :)
    What about using Word or MS Publisher and make a "Gift of Time" Certificate :wink:
    I Hope You have a Wonderful Happy and relaxing Christmas and a Safe Prosperous New Year.
    Enjoy Life Keep Safe and Stay Upright ( expect for those times you and your significant other want to get horizontal :p )