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Christmas Pressie Ideas..

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by QuarterWit, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. Hey Everyone.

    I hate Christmas because I hate buying people presents. They're always shit and they never want them. Until today, when I found this.


    It fries or poaches an egg in the same time it takes to cook the bread. Genius. That'll be for my girlfriends mother.

    Looking around for some other things...

    Found this for my younger cousin. Turns off TV's. That'll be fun.


    Any other ideas for useless interesting stuff?
  2. Now where does one find this awesome toaster?
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  4. I like this idea..but it does have a slight design fault...two slices of toast and only one egg?
  5. You've never had a toasted egg sammich for brekkie?
  6. needs more bacon :(
  7. yep if it made bacon in the same time it'd be all i ever needed in the kitchen
  8. someone's forgetting the mushrooms.

    I have a slug that can talk
  9. i hate Christmas too.
    that toaster/poacher is too nice to give away to someone else.
    i try to find and buy the dumbest crappy gifts i can.
    because i REALLY hate this time of year...when people wish me a 'merry christmas' i just want to punch them in the face.
    anyway, this year i'm buying everyone sock monkey hats and mittens http://www.whatonearthcatalog.com/cgi-bin/hazel.cgi?randomizer=205224016&action=DETAIL&item=VG2782G&template=popup_temp.html...they kinda have a gay christmassy look about them so they'll do...plus i got a discount for buying bulk...still don't know what to buy the wife though...i don't think that hat would fit her because she has a really fat head...a toaster is a good idea though, but just a cheap one.
  10. Eggs and toast is only the start of a breakfast!

    Bacon and mushrooms (as already mentioned) are required, but also tomatoes and baked beans and preferably a hash brown or two :)
  11. Tammy said that too... must be a girl thing. :p
  12. Alright, I'll take that then.
  13. It's because women, when they see anything bread related, don't automatically want to make a sandwich out of it.
  14. What else are you meant to do with bread? :-k

  15. Carlton draught turn it into liquid and call it "beer"...
  16. Well what do you know, I still have half a carton of Carlton Draught sitting in my fridge (y)

    Though I do prefer TED's.. damn bottle-o ran out
  17. for an everyday beer get into Hahn superdry. its bloody top stuff, tastes better than the other crap low carb stuff and is 38-40 a slab down in melb ;)