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Christmas just came early!!

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Grumply, Dec 7, 2010.

  1. I think that's a more positive way to look at it than 'The motorcycle parts I first ordered in August finally arrived' :p Apparently Santa Claus is actually a short Pakistani bloke who works for Australia Post!

    These little (and not so little) boxes just arrived...


    Open them up and they reveal...

    (a high-performance air filter, fender eliminator and new exhaust!)

    My bike will now sound and run as sexily as she looks! This is how she's looking at the moment:


    (waiting on a final body panel to arrive to complete a colour-swap)
  2. Mate,
    Your bike is starting to look REAL horn (y)
  3. I hope Santa is as generous to me this year.......................
  4. Have you been good?:angel:
  5. Mummy, I just soiled myself :oops:
    It's the Arrow cans that did it for me, I'll be honest, and there must be something deeper to that as my wife attest ;), I have a thing for cans of all kinds.
  6. Nothing quite like a beautiful set of cans... 8-[
  7. grumps - can i make sweet, sweet love to your bike?
  8. Certainly, 'sweet, sweet love' is the only kind I allow anyone to make to my bike.
  9. Hel yeah mate. Aprilia and Arrow, classic combo. Been eyeing off those 750's for a while now.

    How's she ride?

    - boingk
  10. i'm very turned on right now. be there soon ;)
  11. very tastey
  12. I would have asked santa for a new outdoor setting! . :LOL:

    Veeeeeery pretty bike.
  13. Glad after everything you finally got them in the end.
  14. Cheers everyone!

    She rides beautifully, just an incredibly easy bike to live with (well apart from the whole parts availability thing), comfortable, reliable, great fun - and thanks to the variable mapping, you can turn her into a proper snarler when you hit the twisties or the open road (two bikes in one!).

    Hey that is our 'new' outdoor setting! We picked it up from the front of someone's house (hard rubbish) just the other week 8-[

    The joys of share-house living...

    As am I mate, now if the dealer can finally get the tank panel and decals it'll be done and dusted - and I can spend my time thinking about other things!
  15. That's the Shiver yeah? I think I like that...

    I bet it sounds a lot better now!
  16. #16 Grumply, Dec 8, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 13, 2015
    Yep! It's the Shiver. It's a bit of a Frankenshiver at the moment whilst I wait for the final panel and decals to arrive. But soon she'll look just as I always intended her to.

    Haven't installed them yet, but should sound something like this: