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Christmas is the time to give - donate blood please!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Oldmaid, Dec 7, 2014.

  1. Hi you hunky NR guys'n'gals,

    Please think about going and donating blood soon.

    Things get pretty tight and hectic this time of year in our hospitals and I know from reading lots of posts, many of you and friends have benefited from others' generosity! I don't work for the ARCBS but know first hand too well the value of all they do and the lack of donors esp. this time of year.

    Donating only takes 30 mins but can give someone else a lifetime.(y)

    I have had to scramble around (typically at 300am) trying to get a hold of blood whilst working and it isn't much fun when there is already a lot going down and you have to try and pinch another hospital's stock.

    So most of us have have a gift that we can share - do think about it do it! Please.

    Give us one less thing to stress about in A&E over the silly season.:troll:
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  2. I donate plasma as often as I can and have a big dimple in my arm now from so many donations :p You get free milkshakes and sausage rolls at the South Bank one in Vic :)

    They are pretty strict though so it's worth checking all the things that might exclude you before you show up there on the website: www.donateblood.com.au
  3. About time I made another appointment.
  4. still got mad cow disease :(
  5. Yeah, my mother in law is still with us as well.
  6. Oh and I thought you were talking about moi! I have been called all types of cow on occasion and in general I am not moooved by it.:clown:

    I am guessing that simon varleysimon varley spent some time in the UK since 1996 and ate the dreaded cow whilst there...I am sure that that the embargo will be lifted one day soon...especially if our blood/organ donor rate keeps falling...:troll:
  7. Yeah. I'm a pom. Only moved here in 2006 when I was 40 so lived through all the mad cow stuff. Keep being told they are working on screening for hvcjd or whatever it is called now, but it doesn't seem like they are getting any closer