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Christmas in November...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by VCM, Nov 22, 2007.

  1. Well she asked me what I'd like for Christmas ... " A pair of Draggin Jeans! " :dance: I replied. But I'd better go and try some on to see what size fits, I may need to have em specially ordered ( being only like 5' 4" :shock: ).

    So off I went to Geoff Taylors ...
    Tried a few types and ended up with a pair of size 30 traffic jeans ( fitted perfectly - apart from the length... I had to get em taken up a few inches the next day.

    Anyways I wore em riding home last Saturday, after picking them up from getting taken up. I love em !!! Showed the wife and She wanted to wrap em and keep em under the chrissy tree ( being a christmas present afterall ). I said "no problem hon, I just hope I dont take a fall between now and Christmas wearing ordinary jeans :p :p
    Needless to say, I haven't taken them off since .. well only to wash em.
    I think my next pair will be some cargos, they look dressy enuff to go out to dinner in :wink:

    Do any of you guys wear your draggins any other time apart from riding?
  2. Yeah man that's the whole point of draggins I used to wear draggins to work all the time, thankfully I've not had to wear a monkey suit to work unless I had to meet clients.

    Don't wash your draggins too often and definitely dry in shade as the kevlar deteriorates more quickly.
  3. Thanks for the TIP Nee ! :beer:
  4. Maybe i picked some bad ones, but I wouldn't be seen in my smelly, unwashed, tattered draggins anywhere but on a bike...
  5. yep i wear mine everywhere...though i normally keep 2 pairs, one a bit newer and i use them when i go out etc.... :)
  6. I bought the 'traffic' jeans. I reckon they look pretty stylish :)

    Great idea stewy !! Gonna put my birthday present order in early for a pair of cargos. :p