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Christmas for those without family?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by es, Nov 23, 2006.

  1. Anyone else not spending christmas with their family this year?

    Im thinking about a christmas lunch.... who is interested in coming? Also, any ideas where to hold one?

  2. You got no faaaaamily
    You did not geeeet none
    Cuz you are on the weeeelfare
    And your father is a alcohoooooolic

    Sorry, just watched Delirious again.
  3. Eswen, what a good idea!!

    What about Sydneysiders and around, I'm sure we could enjoy a few extras at our place.......?
  4. I'm doing same thing on the banks of the murray river at Cobram (my ex chucked a spaz at the kids cause they wanted to go skiing with me on xmas day LOL), got 4 adults and 5 kids coming so far, all welcome, BYO swag or tent.
  5. Good then you can make it over my way on Boxing Day hate drinking on own on my bday. Usually hold out till a couple of my brothers arrive :LOL:
  6. I don't do family stuff at Christmas so I'm up for meeting some other riders and maybe going for a spin somewhere?
  7. a ride would be nice but I want a back up plan if its going to be 48 degrees!
  8. you can ALL-GO to MOGO

    no really, its fun :)
  9. Hey Woodsy, which beach are you camping at?
    We camped there about 2-4 times a year EVERY year when we were kids and are thinking of doing it again this Summer.
  10. Nup, I will probably be sitting here doing not much. :(
  11. And if anyone from Melbourne DOES go to Mogo, PM me first - I've got a card here that'll get you a free coffee at Mogo Fudge and Ice Cream.. :wink: :LOL:
  12. Used to be called paradise beach but they swaped the signs a couple of years back to match the maps, now its wattle tree.

    where abouts do you camp?
  13. I'm supposed to visit mine, but if you want to go instead, you're welcome to them. Just tell them that Chairman sent you. I hope we have the same size feet, coz you'll be taking home more bloody socks.

    Bah humbug.
  14. When we were kids, there were 2 main beaches to camp at in Cobram. Thompsons beach and Dead River. We use to camp at Dead River which is down Race Course rd and just before the Dead River. Thats what they use to call it but I met a local a few years back and was describing to them where we use to camp and she said "Oh that must be Kims beach"
    It freaked me out a bit cause she said it was named after someones dog that had died and was buried under a tree down there and the owners had carved Kims name and the dates of birth and death into the tree. The reason it freaked me out is cause Kim was actually our dog that drowned in the river and we buried him there in the mid 80's. Who knows, but I am hoping to go back and try and find that tree this year.
  15. Well stay in touch, we'll catch up for a ski and'or a drink, i'll be there on and off every spare day i get from 16/12/06 to 28/1/07
  16. well i do need some new socks. but dont fancy trying to explain blood stains.
  17. If I wasn't WORKING I'd be up for it :evil:
  18. i did something similer last year. thru a forum i was on. posted up a topic for

    " Orphans christmas party"

    basically all teh country peopel living in the city. or those that didint have family close by, started with a nice 10-12.. ended up close to 40people. huge bbq by the pool massive amounts of beer. was a fantastic time!

    definitely the best christmas ive had in the last 6 yrs of lving away from all my family!

    good luck with the plans!
  19. man you can always come to Bairnsdale with me, i'd say its only gonna be my mum, dad and myself this year.

    althought we only have 1 computer at my parents.. so maybe not :p
  20. man you can always come to Bairnsdale with me, i'd say its only gonna be my mum, dad and myself this year.

    althought we only have 1 computer at my parents.. so maybe not :p