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Christmas for riders

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mooney, Nov 30, 2014.

  1. Hey guys Christmas time almost here. Thought I'd start a thread to post up what I'd like from Santa if I was writing a list for my bike. Feel free to post yours too :)

    1. Shorty levers
    2. Brembo master cylinder
    3. Rear pillion seat cover
    4. Double bubble windscreen

    come on Santa lol

  2. Ah, well, yes.... since I am pretty happy with my current three bikes, I'm not too worried about Santa, but....if someone REALLY wanted to cheer me up this Chrissie....

    a bright yellow Porsche Boxter S could do it,

    a bright yellow Toyota MR2 Spyder could do it,

    or a Smart Roadster..... any colour, I'd repaint it bright yellow, would work.

    Hi Justus...... those Audi V10's, do they come in bright yellow?

    One of them could be OK too.

    You see, the problem is that I have to borrow the wife's car for trips to the bottle shop, but, if I had a car of my own........ no, wait, none of the above cars could carry any more grog than my BMW bike........

    Ah, forget I asked....
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  3. Dear Santana can I please have
    1 New battery for the bike
    2 Somewhere closer to store it - the 6km walk to the garage is getting on my tits.
  4. I just keep mine on the bike. I find that's the most convenient.
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  5. This is why you're the ideas man.
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  6. Dear Santa,
    Can I have a new ride, oh, and a new bike.
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  7. can I just do the thing?
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  8. Whose thing do you want to do?
  9. Ooo, aren't you cheeky!!
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  10. God will tell you not to do it again if you do.
  11. I think he is a bit late to the party
  12. Time off. All I want, all I need.
  13. CORRECTION: time off TO RIDE!! Now we're cookin'!!
  14. a bike that works....
  15. New one piece leathers annnnnnnnnd maybe a riding school booking? (This shits expensive) promise i'll be well behaved between now and Christmas, will that do?
  16. Just got told by my bosses they want to buy me some Kevlar jeans as a gift so I need to find some decent ones online!
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  17. Geez, mate, you have understanding bosses.....

    In the days when I worked.....well, OK, was employed....my bosses only ever twittered on about giving me a car, and then charging me for the doubtful privilege.
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