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Christmas Driving-there all nuts

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by The_brick, Dec 28, 2005.

  1. Dont know if it is the time of year, when cars decide to try and run over as many bikes as they can.
    The last 2 days i have rode from Moorabbin to Ringwood and have been nearly hit around 4 times each way. The cars are just not looking, put out in front of you, and just steer into your lane.
    Each trip i have gone a different way but is all the same.
    I ride into work in the city everyday and rarely have this problem.
    I think the silly season is all to true.

  2. There was a hell of a lot of caravans, boats and other ludicrous trailers on the black spur yesterday, many of them poking out over the double whites around some pretty tight corners.

    I've decided that I like people individually but as a group or mass, they suck. It's bizarre that everyone chooses to have their holidays at the same time, so that they can go from crowded cities and towns out on crowded highways to crowded "holiday destinations" where they can try to find space on crowded beaches and queue for ice cream.

    Jeez people suck. I mean, we really suck.
  3. Quirky Question: where do people who live on the Gold Coast go for THEIR holidays?

    Living as I do on the Princes Highway, the main south route from Sydney to the South Coast, the worst holiday driving I see is from Norman Noodleman, business executive, who never drives outside the CBD of Sydney.
  4. well maybe people will start looking out for bike more.
    and pigs might fly
  5. The city is just as bad. I was standing at the Corner of King & George in Sydney today as a pedestrian...

    This white van comes hooning up King St from the motorway off ramp side, changes lanes in the middle of the intersection and absolutely canes it down King weaving in and out of traffic :roll:

    I and all the other pedestrians just stood there shocked.
  6. christmas , everyone loses the plot .

  7. Be careful of the cars with sleeping bags, clothes and other crap that completely cover the back windows so the driver has to change into lanes completely blind.
  8. On the bright side, it's been pretty quiet traffic-wise. The last couple of days the usual morning rush hour felt more like a Sunday morning and I didn't mind at all :)
  9. It's war out there.
    You can't relax... :cool:
  11. Got to agree with G it is not that nice out there and now that it is hot as well, they just seem to be getting worse. Time to stay inside in the aircon and chill for a while methinks.
  12. I worked that out long ago. :grin: