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Christmas carols already? IT'S NOVEMBER!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by grue, Nov 30, 2009.

  1. Jesus puppypunching christ, they can't wait until we're somewhat more proximate to the silly little holiday to annoy the bejeezus out of us?

  2. There is no appropriate time for Christmas Carols.

    They are all disgusting, horrible excuses for 'music'. I do not know why they play them in shopping centres. They do not 'put me in the Christmas mood'. They make me want to leave.

    I'm actually going to start complaining to individual shops this year, and I encourage everyone else to do the same. Request the carols be changed for proper music or radio, see if a change can be initiated.
  3. ...and why the f*** was the Myer christmas parade held two weeks ago?

    Christmas is painful enough... let's not extend it... arghhh!


  4. I like your style. =D>
  5. Its like they've all forgotten what the true meaning of Christmas is - the birth of Santa
  6. Isn't it bad luck to decorate or celebrate before the start of December? I won't buy from a store that does.
  7. You never struck me as the superstitious type, ibast :)
  8. shhh. repeat after me "it's bad luck".:wink:

    Beside I just hate Christmas.
  9. ....and if you won't buy from any shops that celebrate christmas early (eg: all shops!!), you can't buy any presents!!.. right??

  10. Grinch.
  11. LOl @ all u Christmas hating scrooges ...

    Yanno i hate Easter and i cant stand bloody Valentines day yadda yadda but i actually LOVE Xmas!
    I like that everyone appears happy, and the kids are all excited and happy...
    Santas suits filled by men who are far too young and far too skinny to be " proper legit" santa's , the chick ripping you off rotten to take the photo you and your kid have lined up for an hour to get...
    The cheesy cards, the Gordy decos , the endless queue's , the jam packed parking lots, the receiving of yet another pair of socks, the added 3 kilos you gain after xmas dinner ....Ah yes its all part of the fun...
  12. - All the relative you can barely stand in the one room together.
    - The ques at the shops (which you have to go to even though you hate going the rest of the year)
    - Being ripped off
    - Getting presents you don't want or even like, but having to be nice about it.
    - Being forced to take holidays when every other bastard is taking holidays
    - Christmas carols
    - God botherers.
    - Being forced to assembly presents for your kids you didn't even buy, knowing full well they are only going to last a few hours.
  13. generally hate christmas and particularly carols but...

    love the chocolate calendars that start tomorrow!!! (oh and I absolutely started tomorrow and only have one little chocolate each day)
  14. Don't they just play with the box, anyway?
  15. On the up side, toy run... (i missed last year due to work).

    oh and those reindeer antlers you wear on your head, they got me laid last December, need to go find some more...
  16. LOL Brownyy I won the December page in this years American Staffordshire Terrier Calender so i grabbed a pair of antlers and a very Cute pink and white fluffy Santa hat for my featured dog to wear... im happy to help your cause by donating the Antlers...Merry Syphilis..
  17. Yeah well if you look like a reindeer during mating season, you'll probably get shagged by one.
  18. LOL, did I mention we were both trashed...?

    The wake up in the morning was interesting... her alarm went off for work (7am) at 6am... she refused to wake up, alarm kept going (phone). I dismantled it and went back to sleep... 8:15 both wake up, she went ape shit for been over an hour late for work and was wondering why the phone didn't go off...(I frantically put it back together while she wasn't looking) oops.
  19. What?

    Drunk people are having sex?!!!!!

    Outrageous! I'm writing a letter.
  20. so i've been told...