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Christmas card from Traffic Camera Office

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by steve-waters, Dec 24, 2015.

  1. Doh just got a Christmas message and my first friendly reminder from our friends in blue that those numbers in the red circles on the side of the road aren't just there for general guidance when riding but they actually apply to motorbikes as well as cars...

    They are now requesting a $300 donation and 3 of my Demerit points :(

    They got a pretty picture of me and the bike in Black Rock along Beach Road.

    Anyways have a great Christmas to those that do and anyone else enjoy your summer time.

  2. Summer bummer steve-waterssteve-waters :(
    Look at it this way you obviously got pinged BEFORE double demerits started!
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  3. don't have them here
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  4. bummer at least its only 3 by 3
  5. #5 Oldmaid, Dec 24, 2015
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2015
    Wow double trouble in NSW From midnight 24/12 until 3/1.
    Too scared to look sideways!
    Travelled down one end of NSW coast to the other in the last few days and I have never ever seen so many of those white stationary mobile radar vans on frreways or highways in my life.
    Plus camouflaged HWP :(
    Might still have a license in 2016.,.
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  6. That sucks. Very easily done in a 60 zone
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  7. yep we used to have them
    but it never helped the road toll
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  8. haha you sheitstirrer
  9. I feel ur pain man got my card 3 weeks ago 3 x 3
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  10. I was on a road I've never traveled before, in the Southern Highlands, bopping along and minding my own business when a Highway Patrol car heading the other way hit the brakes and did a U-turn.
    Turns out the road had an 80kph limit and I was doing 100. I told the policeman that I had never ridden the road before but that I was pretty scrupulous about speed limits. He went and checked me out on his computer and came back and said that since I had been licenced to ride since 1974 and had only been booked twice on the bike, he'd exercise his discretion and only caution me....
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  11. Early Christmas present congrats
  12. Well nice to know some common sense gets used occasional between The Highway Patrol and bike riders even if its only NSW.
  13. he actually gave them a wristy
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  14. Victoria does not have double points !!
  15. How dare you. My wife has an unpleasant habit of reading over my shoulder and what's on my screen and of course she read this and immediately asked, "What's a wristy..?"

    I replied, "Well, it's what sometimes happens when Netrider members get pulled over by Highway Patrol..." and subsequently she probably thinks it's like a Secret Society handshake...which it probably is for some.

    Christmas is ruined.
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  16. How good is your recent history? If you don't have any recent fines, you can apply for a waiver. I did this recently, not expecting to be let off, but thought "Hey, it'll only take 5 minutes of my time". They let me off with a caution (no points, no $$ payable). Very happy!
  17. Wow that was pretty good to get the caution.

    Hmm if I had not taken a couple for my old man last year I might have had a shot although all those were in the car but still does not look super on paper - my wife loves to write a letter she is going to give it a crack but I am not holding out hope might just take this one on the chin.
  18. I received my first speeding infringement notice in eighteen years just after Christmas in the same way. I was travelling between Kinglake and St Andrews in Victoria and was pinged by a mobile speed camera at 68 km/h in a 60 km/h zone. I thought I was in an 80 km/h zone and thus well under the limit as I went by the mobile speed camera vehicle.

    After receiving the infringement notice I submitted an application for review and am waiting to find out whether I will get a warning instead or will have to pay the fine and incur three demerit points. If I do end up having to pay the fine I suppose I can be thankful that it wasn't in NSW during what was a double-demerit period.
  19. Do the crime do the time. your all just criminals. Seems to happen the minute you get any form of license.Its all down hill for a criminal career from there . Next think you know you will be getting parking tickets,its a slippery slope
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  20. hasn't helped the NSW road toll either but sure has made them a lot of money due to the motivation to write more tickets
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