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Christmas break

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Beza, Dec 6, 2014.

  1. Hello everyone. I'm heading up to Sydney from Melbourne to visit family for Christmas day and this is my proposed route


    Day 1 Melb to Wangaratta
    Day 2 Wangaratta to Corryong
    Day 3 Corryong to Bega
    Day 4 Bega to Woolongong

    I haven't been on the roads from Wangaratta through to Bega so I was wondering if there's anything I should be aware of such as unsealed roads, limited fuel stops etc, any advice would be great.

    I'm also planning on camping if anyone has any ideas on some nice camping spots near Wangaratta, Corryong and Bega.
  2. On the shores of Lake Hume about 2 kms past Bonegilla is a good (free ) place to camp.Above the boat ramp below the Hume Weir , about 4 kms along Bonegilla Rd , is also fine. Camping in state forests is free.Usually no facilities.
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  3. I like Jingellic, banks of the Hume, you can swim, camp on the bank and it is a 2 minute stroll to the pub.
  4. Why go west to go east?
    Melbourne to Lilydale, Yea, Bonnie Doon, Mansfield, Whitfield, Wodonga, Corryong, Alpine Highway to Thredbo, Jindabyne, Cooma, then down to the coast and up the Prince's Highway to my place just south of Wollongong for a coffee!
  5. That doesn't look to bad actually and its all sealed road.
  6. Yeah stayed there earlier on this year on a trip it was awesome, I'd imagine it would be packed around christmas time.
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  7. Bega to woolongong is full of speed traps, way too low limits and at that time of year holidaying families.

    Pick an inland route
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  8. Unless you have any particular reason to go through Wondonga I would go Whitfield, Beechworth Tangambalanga and then across.