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Christmas Bandit

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by alcoz, Jan 2, 2010.

  1. Got this just in time for Christmas!
    I looked at everything and kept coming back to the Bandit but wasn't keen on blue( 09 color ) then was told 2010 was dark silver and here she is!


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  2. Nice one.....Now get out there and ride....no excuses!

  3. They are very nice bikes... but picking grey over blue?!?!

    That's just wrong :)

    (I know my bike is silver, which is a sort of grey... but I also spent 6 months trying to get another colour... any other colour and couldn't).
  4. I love the headers on the Bandit, but I reckon they're going to be a beggar to keep clean.... noice bike anyway :LOL:
  5. Horses for courses, I guess, but I always found the grey colour to be very bland. Enjoy.
  6. theyre an awesome bike and are an amazing steal atm
  7. Its really a charcoal with a silver metallic fleck , looks awesome in the sunlight!
  8. Nice bike, i got the naked 09.
    Love it.