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Christ I hate Vespa owners!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by E2W, Oct 3, 2013.

  1. Why do people get so wound up about my business name to the point they'll take to the internet to rant about it! Sometime the best way to respond to a stupid comment is reply with a stupid comment :)


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  2. Unfcuking believable. There are some whingers out there aren't there.
  3. You might change the name to Everything Japanese on 2 Wheels? ;)
    But that wouldn't be any fun.
  4. But does he sell and service push bikes.....
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  5. Good to see you back in fine form mate. :)
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  6. I'd miss the whingers too much. The last person who turned up at the shop and whinged about my business name because they had a Chinese bike that I wouldn't service, I told them I would only reply to any further questions using interpretive dance. Wasn't long until they left the shop.
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  7. Ummmmm, OP, your website does not say you only work on Japanese bikes.

    Your homepage says: "Everything Two Wheels Motorycle Servicing"

    Below that, it lists 4 x Japanese bike manufacturers. It does not say you don't service other brands of bikes. Later on it says you specialise in those four brands. It still does not say you don't work on other brands. Your page also has posts about generic products like chain lube, tyre foam and heated grips; things which could go on any bike (well maybe chain lube would not go on a Vespa).
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  8. Go ge'em Pete.....

    My Kwaka loved ya.

    And I know, I know - no Italians.....

    I might be back one day with another Jap bike - who knows....

    End of story? Farken Scooterartist.......get more than they deserve anyhow.

    Glad to have you back dude.

  9. But only Japanese ones right?

    Btw, how much do you charge for Vespa repairs?
  10. What about my Japanese brand made in Thailand? ;)
  11. Segways have 2 wheels. Just sayin :D
  12. Knowing that it was made in the land of cheap and cheerless, and you still bought it.....:rofl:
  13. Why don't you service chinese bikes? Just curious.
  14. Can't fault the build quality :) And it's a LAMS bike. All good. Still leaves the question unanswered. :)
  15. E2W, you think you've got problems.
    A few years ago near where I was working, a mechanic with the surname Reuter (forget his first name) specialised in cylinder head servicing. Locals called his shop "Rooter's head jobs" and he couldn't shake it off :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
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  16. Good to see you in good spirits Pete.
  17. You will be fine, take it to Pete - great work, knows what he is doing, doesn't bullshit, quoted price is the price and is a great fcucking guy with a very dry sense of humour.

    Now if BitSar and I could get him to service Italians the world would be a much better place.

    Cheers Jeremy
  18. good to hear from you Pete!!
  19. People who lie shit me.
  20. Sorry but I'm with the whinger on this one. I'd be pissed if I brought my Mito to a place called "Everything two wheels" and was told to sod off because it's Italian. Frankly, the name is misleading.
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