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Chrisco meets a truck!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Chrisco7689, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. well started of a beautiful morning, not a cloud in the sky i awoke had my breaky geared up and went outside to strattle my baby, my 98 suzuki across.

    i left to meet up with Joker, Swaggz and his better half for a nice pleasen't group ride. after fueling up and doing tyres we headed off to Shell city gates to meet the rest of the group.

    after a quick cuppa we head off up to sarina range, some nice long sweepers on the way was qas alert but also relaxed. after about 45 mins we reach the range, i looked at it and with the biggest smile on my face i headed up. went up the range really nicly had alot of fun, hellen set up her camera on one of the bends to get a few nice action shots.

    made my way back down the range and did a u turn to set up my next run,
    handle the first corner beautifully headed up to the s-bend first conrner fine but on the second one as i was half way thru i spotted a delivery truck, he was right on the lines and i panicked i though "Sh!t he is close" and instead of looking thru the corner and continuing i fixated on to the truck when i come to realise i was gonna hit it i tried everything i can to avoid but was to late, ended up ploughing straight into rear of truck.

    his alloy step attached to the rear toook the impact of the the vehicles traveling at around 25kmhr. the metal bar slashed up the right hand side of bike and continued through the tip of my knee, then all i remember is ditching bike and landing hard on my chest then into a roll. i came to a sliding holt on my right leg which was exposed due to the tear in my jeans from the truck, when i came to a stop i layed on the road wiggled my toes wiggle my fingers moved my head around to see, new i was ok i just started bursting out in laughter.

    i layed there middle of road not knowing wat to do i knew i was alright but the lady would not let me move, and i understand if i was worst it might of saved my i tried to tell her i am fine i need to get off the road she wouldn't budge, then brad showed up and helped me across to the little bit of wat was the side of the road.

    i sat there for a while chatting to the lady and brad, was nice to have someone sit and talk, moments later jerry rocked up around the corner with terry right behind, terry flew down the range and called the ambulance for me. after getting something on my knee to stop the blood spewing out i ended up taking of my helmet sitting there with a smile on my face. I was very lucky, 5kmhr faster i wouldn't be here right now.

    The poor man driving the truck was more shook up then i was he was crouching beside me shaking and as white as a ghost asking if i was alright, i kept trying to reasure him i was fine just a little bunged up, he waited for a while untill Jerry and brad insisted i was fine if he wanted to go.

    a little while after he left the ambulance arived the guys where very nice, they said i was in good shape for hitting a truck, lol

    the cleaned my up a little and toook me to sarina hospital, wheere brad sat and waited with me, i really appreciate that

    after seeing the nurse and the police i was clear to go all bandage up terry was there waiting with us for Jerry to arive with the ute to go pick up wats left of my bike. got her on the back of the ute took her home and i just went inside and passed out from the shock.

    thanks to everyone who helped me i REALLY from the botom of my heart apreciate ur kindness.

    when i am better my shout at the pub !!!!

    list of my injuries,

    Gravel rash all up my right leg, Laceration to my right knee, bruised thigh bruised chest friction rash on chest from jacket sliding on ground. sore shoulders from impact and rolling busted pinky lol and twisted ankle. and both knees quite bruised.

    well all that said i am ok, nothing time wont fix

    many thanks Chrisco
  2. WOW you had a massive adventure hey?
    I know the Sarina range, though not on a bike, would certainly be fun on the bike :cool:

    really glad your relatively well considering how much worse it could have been.

  3. Glad ur relatively ok mate, take it all in & learn from it. Over the years I have picked up several riders off the road who have crashed from fixation, look through the corner and expect the unexpected. Hope ur back out there on ur bike soon. By the way, how's the truck?!, just kidding!!. :)

    Tex & Bundy
  4. That was close ..
    time for a lotto ticket mate :wink:
  5. Speedy recovery mate - sounds like it was ac weekend of "close run things" - I had a fairly big off in the adelaide hills and managed to walk away from it....

    It's definitely ATGATT from now on!!
  6. Glad to hear you're okay. :)
    and don't they all :!:

    Any thoughts on lessons you've learned from your experience :?:
    Any comments on the performance of your protective gear :?:
  7. SOrry to hear of your incident Chrisco... gotta love the right apreal to wear... not many guys can walk away from hitting a truck... time for a lotto ticket me thinks.
  8. my gear held up quite good, cept for jeans where to truck lacerated my knee the jeans just ripped,

    but yeah could of been worse

    oh and the lesson i learned, WATCH OUT FOR F!@KING TRUCKS lol
  9. Poor little truck, just minding it's own business when a bike with issues decides to mate with it :shock: :grin: How's the bike anyway?

    I'm glad you are alright and good on you for laughing it off.

    Yes, I'm still new to this, but buffering and observation will save you from having to repeat that incident again. I'm still fighting the target fixation as well.
  10. I was gonna mention that had you been wearing proper pants your legs would likely be in better nick now... then realised I ride in jeans all the time myself. So rather than be a massive hypocrite I'll shut up and go buy myself some pants... so I can, in complete safety, bag the next person who crashes in jeans!

    PS Delighted you're OK - a winning weekend for Netriders walking away!
  11. This might be less about target fixation and more about being able to stop in the distance we can see to be clear.
  12. Yeah but thats absolutely obvious. Target fixation is a more insidious killer.
    One I have fallen for (snicker) myself
  13. Ah yes, well pointed out. On that front, I seem to be doing ok.

    It's threads like these that really do illustrate the importance of being alert and aware. I'm impressed on the amount of recall people have of their accidents.
  14. the bike is strewed the metal step lader sliced thru the middle thru the radiator and fluid through my, before passing thru me knee and when i downed her took alot of damage, missing allthe footpegs on both side and the levers and shifters
  15. Damn. Well on the bright side, you're alive and you can look for another bike. Maybe something with bigger rubber buffers that surround it :wink: :LOL:
  16. Training wheels?

    Sorry to make light man, but you're doing ok so we can laugh about it now right? (or too soon?)

    Good that you're ok though :)
  17. So what about an update Chris? How you doin'? What you thinkin'? Any lessons for us now you've had a bit of time to reflect?
  18. yeah i am good, still swollen and badly bruised, looking at my injuries it seems i crushed my leg inbetween bike and truck, i am amazed i didn't break anything.

    another week of work yet, i am starting to walk normally now and can drive.

    sold my bike today $600 someone in townsville gonna make it into a go-kart. bought it for $900.

    my great grandma pretty much said if i even think of getting another motorbike while she is still alive (shes 82) she will personally crush both my legs to keep me off it lol.

    oh well just gotta wait then i guesse lol., (Before u say anything, I love my great grandma.)

    but yeah sitting at home being bored out of my fudging mind. should do my assesments for tafe. meh

    going to attempt cleaning my room tomoz, got lady company tomoz night.
  19. Glad to hear you're on the mend.
    Now go karting...that'd be cool
    Gotta love the oldies eh?
    Nah mate don't bother...they like dirty :wink:
    All the best mate. Here's to a speedy recovery :beer: