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Chris Vermeulen to coach Prince Harry...

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by TonyE, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. From: http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2009/08/04/2645293.htm

    Prince Harry to get lessons from racing royalty
    By Jo Skinner

    A champion motorbike racer from Queensland has been invited to England to give private lessons to Prince Harry.

    Sunshine Coast rider Chris Vermeulen recently received an email from Buckingham Palace inviting him to visit the Royal Family in London.

    Vermeulen, who is a grand prix motorcycle racer, says Prince Harry is a big fan.

    "He really enjoys his riding and he wants to get on the track," he said.

    "Obviously there's security issues with him being out on the circuit with a lot of people.

    "He wants to get out on the track and really feel a bike at speed so he asked if we could organise doing some lessons.

    "We're looking into getting some circuits organised and where it fits in for both of us."

    Vermeulen says he expects to visit England next year.

    "I've been invited down to their father's house to see the gardens, obviously Prince Charles, and next year to have tea with the Queen at her garden party, so it's quite good really," he said.

  2. They Emailed him?

    You think they would call and ask wouldn't you, its not as if it would be hard for them to find his manager.

    Probably a scam or something, and its not as if the UK hasnt got any tallented riders, Toesland isn't that bad now is he... maybe hes just busy and more expensive.

    But yeah, trick maybe.

    But if not good for him.
  3. He has a Daytona 675 as well. Good bloke, even if he's a dirty ranga.
  4. spoilt brat :)
  5. whoa! imagine that as a job.... still maybe this can get the profile out there more for us riders?
  6. Sunshine Coast is THE place to go for motorcycle professionals. :p
  7. He also went on the 2 seater Ducati with Randy Mamola before Donington MotoGP last weekend …respect!
  8. HAHA, I have spent most of my childhood years being told I look like Prince Harry..

    No need to be colourist. :p
  9. Email?! Did they also tell him that they had 3 million dollars in an offshore account and would share it if he paid the $8,000 recovery fee?
  10. nah they are paying for the flights though, there is a stop over in Egypt - we may never see him again
  11. Just so long as they don't drive him thru Paris.
  12. Chris'll have plenty of time to coach the kid next year 'cos he won't have a MotoGp ride to worry about.
  13. there will be a ride there for him if the royal family throw some sponsorship dollars his way :LOL: