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Chris Benoit dead

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ramjet, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. "WWE.com has learned that according to the Fayette County, Ga. Sheriff's Office, the deaths of Chris Benoit, his wife Nancy and their son Daniel Monday were the result of a double murder-suicide from within the home."

    One of the most accomplished men to ever step foot in a wrestling ring. A veteran of the game at 40 years of age and was tuly one of the greats.

    RIP Benoit's family.
  2. He's faking it.
  3. For those interested a 3 hour tribute show to Chris Benoit will be aired tomorrow from 3.30 on FOX 8.
  4. um, who was the murderer?
  5. "investigators believe Benoit killed his wife and 7-year-old son over the weekend, then himself on Monday."
  6. sh!t dude. that's effin serious.

    then there's all those dumb ar$e americans who look up to those people. [no offence].

    i dont know where to start trying to figure this one out. according to john douglas [usa top fbi mind reader] men kill their families mainly due to their imperfection. if the family isnt perfect they're dead. happens sometimes.

    in other cases it's over money. some men live the high life, get themselves into dept and then blow em all up. tis a plan that has a d day. i went to school with a girl who was killed that way.

    WWE wrestler? that could be anything. any theories?

    i know you love the guy and i dont mean any disrespect but, what an a hole! who the hell is he to take the lives of his family?
  7. I love the wrestling. Yobbo theatre :p

    18 months ago Eddie Guerrero from reported heart failure at just 38 and now Benoit :shock:

    Rest in peace Chris Benoit, you've entertained millions all over the world :cry:
  8. Benoit loved what he did, he did it with a passion and was a mentour and teacher to all young men and woman in the business. He was what wrestling is all about, someone who commited their life to entertain others.

    Not even those closest to him can understand his actions or could have forseen it coming, they don't want to believe it is true. His mentour Stew Hart says Benoit was a loving, kind, friendly man who loves his wife and son.

    Guess only time will tell as to the theories behind this shocking news.

  9. I literally laughed out loud at that Loz thanks for the giggle.
  10. RIP?!! The bloke purportedly killed 2 innocent people. RIH methinks!
  11. Couldn't agree more. Whilst we don't know what went on between him and his wife, or the circumstances of the situation - taking out his 7 year old kid as well? Can't see any possible justification for that. Yeah hope he's roasting over some fairly hot coals :evil:
  12. RIH

    ramjet wrote
    well, that's a sign that points to tripple murder. evidence of murder suicide is easy to fake if it didnt happen that way.

    if the guy did do it, there would have been warning signs that the friends didnt know to look for. that's usually how these things are decided.
  13. +1 :evil: :mad:
  14. everyone has their 'off' days :shock:
  15. +1 Vince McMahon would "force" people in his body building competitions (from the 90s maybe? I just recall an interview about him) to use roids as he wanted "the best a man can be" muscle/body wise and of course, only steroids makes you go where mortals can't go :roll: Sad though, I've seen a few mates who did weights/body sculpting "lose it" from roid use over the years. And most just started out with "I'll do the 3 month course and that's" then it turns into a loop that doesn't stop until either they usually had to stop due to physical or mental health "issues" :(
  16. Interesting read for sure. I don't know enough about psychological long term effects of steriod use. However, if there was a custody battle (and it appears there was a bitter one) then that, combined with depression and 'roid induced rage might cloud one's judgement enough to act so violently.

    It was certainly premeditated. An impulsive act would have stopped at one murder. But then we went for number 2 and then himself when he either realised what he had done, or decided life wasn't worth living without his family.

    Sounds suspiciously like a fatal attraction kind of thing. If I can't have you and might lose you, then no-one will have you.

    Sympathy for the boy.

    One could argue that our jails are the biggest mental institutions we have, because everyone must have been "mentally unstable" to do whatever they did to get in there. But in most cases, it's not a legal defense huh.
  17. It is probably WAY too soon, but what the heck.

    Wait for it.











  18. Prolly a little early, but no doubt they'll be doing the email rounds soon enough.

    Guess that makes this guy a potential mass murderer.

  19. Nah man it's real. Only athletes can do that type of thing and get away with it.