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Chris Amon dead at 73

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Aug 3, 2016.

  1. Amon 'one of the most skilful' drivers

    My teenage driving hero, Chris Amon, has passed away. Many here would remember him, I didn't see him drive in Grand Prix, but met him and saw him drive the little Dino Ferrari and the awesome P4 sports car when he came here to compete in the Tasman Series in 1968.
    Chris was arguably the unluckiest driver ever to sit in a Formula One car. He got a works drive at only 20 years old, the youngest ever, but he never won a Grand Prix, but had to settle for many podiums, and never won the World Championship, although my old friend David MacKay told me just before HE died a few years ago that Chris was the best driver he had ever seen anywhere. Graham Hill once famously said that Chris was so unlucky that if he had invested in the funeral business, people would have stopped dying. He came close to the title in the Ferrari in the first season of the three-litre formula, and then left the Ecurie, only to have them win the World Title almost as soon as he left. Matra was likewise hopeless while he was there, and competitive when he left.
    His greatest triumph, however, was probably sweeter for him than any open-wheel trophy that avoided him; he was the first Le Mans winner in the now-legendary Ford GT-40 sports car.
    He will, I am sure, be sadly missed, not only in NZ, but in the world of motor sports in general.

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