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"Choppers" Padded Glasses

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by kazjim, Jul 5, 2005.

  1. Anyone Use them ?

    I'm, open-faced, and currently wear a pair of "No-Name" Servo glasses - wrap around and keep most of the wind out of my eyes....
    then there are the night glasses - a little too dark and dont keep the wind out.. nasty....

    Found these on an E-Bay store after tearing my hair out trying to remember the name of them !

    For $30 can i go horribly wrong ?
    One pair of Black, one of amber thanks.....

    Comments ?

  2. Hi mate. I'm open faced too.

    No name from servo - mistake, any stone chip can brake the lens and there goes your eye.

    Found "these" on Ebay? Which ones?

    For daylight I wear tinted safety glases from bunnings, wraparound, no padding. For night I wear yellow lens ugly fish riderz with padding. Happy with both. You can wear glasses without padding, but have to find ones that suit your face, so they don't sit 1cm from your eyes.
  3. Cant go wrong with the Wiley X brand, the US army use them, have seen pics of soldiers hit in the face from blasts, very nasty looking damage to the face, but their eyes were protected.

    i have a pair of the sg-1 goggles, they come with a head band to wear as goggles or you can fit the arms to wear as normal wrap arounds, plus almost all models come with 2 pairs of lenses, the clear lenses are great if you get caught out at night with a tinted or iridium visor.
    the lenses simply click into place.
    the package i got came with 2 Lens, soft case head strap and what they call the temples to wear as normal sunnys, all for the listed price on the site below.

    oh and they come with a sort of foam/rubber seal to stop wind getting behind them, great for bikers.
    i highly recommend them, very practical and very safe.



    cheers ratty ( aka Paul )