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Chopper PC case "liquid cooled"

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ratbag, Mar 11, 2006.

  1. Woah, thats awesome - would be nice to have a computer spec'd out like that too
  2. mate of mine has a liquid cooled pc.. has the radiator at the rear.. if there is such a thing as bling for pc's then this is the bling bling...
  3. It comes with the chick right??
  4. how does that even look like a computer. i can see people getting confused and hopping on it instead of looking for the onswitch and USB ports. dumb idea :p
  5. Not really a fan of the design but the internals and that cooling setup looks awesome :)

    Any closeups of that chick? :shock: :smileysex:
  6. Way cool

    Thanks for the links Ratbag
  7. Does anyone know the cost of water-cooling your PC???
  8. It varies depending on whether you go for a pre assembled kit or make your own from individual components...a decent entry level kit such as the Gigabyte 3D Galaxy is about $190 or so or at the top of the tree the Swiftech apex ultra kit is about the $400 mark...of course you can spend a load more depending on what you are looking for.

    PM Cathar about it as he actually makes CPU waterblocks for these setups and would have far more knowledge about it than most

  9. I know i do... :grin:
  10. This business is in Melb, but they ship to anywhere, the link below has a few prices of cooling kits, to give you some idea


    Cheers ratty

  11. Can I get the blond plug-in peripheral as well...:LOL:
  12. Jeez, they'll do anything these days to get us guys to look at girls, even post pics of them with PC cases :p
  13. I beleave the company has run out of Blondes, they can only supply brunettes atm :p

    Hope Mrs nodz doesnt read your posts :LOL:

  14. That'd be "Plug and Play" right?
  15. Hmm... well the paint job is impressive, but aside from that it's pretty pointless.
    The radiator they've used is miniscule (1x 120mm just aint enough for that heat load). Dissapointed they've done nothing to enclose or hide the cd/dvd drives. The fuel tank for a resevoir might be a cool idea, but it's going to be a PITA to move the beast.

    The costs for the actual cooling gear in that rig would be something like the following...
    1x 120mm radiator $100
    2x Dangerden 6800/7800 gpu blocks $260
    1x (assumed) Dangerden RBX cpu block $100
    1x 350 pump. $130
    1x Tygon or equivalent tubing $30
    TOTAL = $620

    ... and that's without the actual pc hardware, without the bling case, fuel tank, paintjob, etc etc.
    That said, a computer can be watercooled on the cheap. In my current boxen i've got Silverprop EvoS cpu block and Fusion HL gpu block, Via 1300 pond pump, Corolla AE92 heatercore, tygon tubing... and all up that lot comes to under $200.
    Sorry Cathar, i'd love one of your blocks but never seem to have the money when they're available! :(
  16. Yeah, I've pretty much stopped making waterblocks now.

    I have a limited run of solid pure fine silver base-plated waterblocks in my "Storm" design coming out real soon, being the Storm/G7, but they're pretty pricey at $310 a pop. You'd have to really want one to put up the cash for it, especially in a world of $70-120 water-blocks.

    Cost all depends on what you want to achieve. My designs all focus on the upper end of performance, including the Thermochill PA series of radiators that I designed and specced out, which do their utmost to give the highest possible performance for the quietest fans you can use. Can use near inaudible fans (as in quieter than your hard drives) and still achieve excellent cooling performance.

    For the average user though, setting up a water-cooling system typically costs around:

    CPU Waterblock: $70-120
    Tubing: $5-40
    Water Pump: $20 (won't last) to $130 (top-end powerful and silent in-line pump - will last forever)
    Radiator: $20 (rip a heater-core out of a car wreck) to $60 - mid-range commercial radiator to $150 - top-end high-performance low-noise fan compatible radiator
    Fan for Radiator: $5-$35 per fan (depends on the radiator - some radiators take 2 or even 3 fans)
  17. Gigabyte 3D Galaxy

    What are your thoughts on that as a water cooling unit??
  18. Apparantly they are a pretty decent entry level system...not as good as a swiftech/Corsair kit or DIY but they are pretty decent considering what they are worth
  19. That's a bit of a loaded question.
    As a watercooling unit i guess their ok, nothing more, nothing less.
    As an overall cooling solution i'd say save your money and go get a proper heatsink and a decent 120mm fan. It'll be about the same volume, about the same temps, and cost you 1/3 as much.