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Choosing Paints

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by edgelett, Feb 15, 2006.

  1. There's a chance I may buy a bike this weekend, but unfortunately it's second hand & not in the colour I wanted.

    I got it in my head that while I wait for my R-Date to come along I would get the bike re-painted. As my BF used to be a panel beater, we figured we'd take off the bits & sand them back together to help save costs.

    Anyway I was wondering if there is a website or something somewhere that I can look at available paints in?? I want red, but I don't want standard ordinary red. I want my bike to stand out.

    Can anyone make any recommendations?
  2. What bike are you getting?
  3. 1998 honda hornet 600.

    I haven't seen it yet, my dad's going to have a look at it tomorrow for me cause it's an hour from my place but only 10 mins from his place.

    i'm going to have a look at it saturday
  4. There are plenty of stores that specialise in selling auto paints - most will mix up any volume of paint in any colour you want. Might be easier to just find a car or bike in the colour you want - find out the paint colour/code and get them to make some up.
  5. cool site!!
    You've inspired me. I have now decided to get a custom paint job rather than just "red". I have 12 months to do it in so shouldn't be a hassle!
  6. cant go past the candy apple red... if u want some bling styles get some gold flakes as well
    check out last month of rapid bike mag and there is a bike with that paint job
    look dam sexy :grin: :grin:
  7. so the big questions is, are there any places in Aus, preferably Adelaide, that anyone can recommend for a custom job?
  8. Watch out for colours on computer screens!!!
    I've screwed up enough print jobs to know what you get on the monitor, is NOT what the colour looks like most of the time.
  9. Watch out for colours on computer screens!!!
    I've messed up enough print jobs to know what you get on the monitor, is NOT what the colour looks like most of the time.
  10. You could contact a place called Airbrush Venturi - I did a custom automotive airbrushing course with them last year and they would be able to point you in the direction of either a professional custom paint airbrusher (or one of their better students, which would probably be cheaper). The person to contact in Adelaide is Clinton Poke on 0404 874 483 and their website is at www.airbrushventuri.com.au
  11. Hondagal- I had a look at the site, some amazing stuff there!
    The teachers stuff is mind blowing, the students is almost as good!

    I'd never thought about a custom paint job until now...
  12. Yeah, the stuff is really good! I'm not really good enough yet to start doing stuff for other people, but there are plenty of students there who are. There was a 16 year old kid helping out the teacher when I was there, and his stuff was amazing! He could basically copy a photograph with auto paint on a sheet of steel, and you'd be hard pressed to tell the photo from the airbrushing when he'd finished!

    There were some fantastic custom bikes at the Motorcycle Expo last year, if anyone wants to see any of the pics I took to get some ideas, pm me as I don't have them posted up on the net yet.
  13. thanks soo much for this - just looked at their website & the stuff is awesome, by students & teachers!!!!

    i'll give Clinton a call!
  14. No probs - hope he's able to help you out. Make sure you post up some pics of the finished product! :)
  15. well it looks like this will work out cheaper than I thought!!

    Just spoke to Dad - he says he knows someone who's an air brush artist. so after I get the tank painted through the guy he knows who has a paint shop, I'll be off to meet with the artist.

    yay for dad - he knows someone who does just about every job you need!

  16. Edgelett I know Clinton personally if you still want to talk to him, you should see some of the stuff he's done for fun when he get's drunk at partys...
  17. oh ok! yeah I might. 99% of the time dad's mates come through ok. But there's that 1% of the time that they think they can stuff me around & it will be ok cause i'm their mate's daughter....