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Choosing a Q-Ride Trainer

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by braith7, Sep 11, 2014.

  1. Hi Guys,

    My shiny new licence arrived in the mail yesterday with RE L on it, so Im ready to move onto the next phase - choosing a Q-Ride Provider to get trained up with and assessed :)

    Im 36 and havent ridden since high school, when I used to tool around the family property on a dirt bike - a DT175 if a remember correctly :)

    Are there any that stand above the rest for new rider training? I guess Im looking for a personality fit, as well as a professional fit - Im not too keen on paying money to be treated like less-of-a-man all day because I havent been riding since birth.

    I'll be looking to be set up with a bike and all the gear for the training, I have nothing, so I guess thats a factor if they dont all provide everything you need.

    Im in South Brisbane, right next to Moorooka, Im willing to travel a bit but the Goldy and Sunny Coast seem a bit far considering there are plenty of options closer. At the moment I have shortlisted -

    TeamMoto Motorcycle Riding School - I think at Rocklea?
    Honda HART - at Slacks Creek
    ProMotorcycles - at Moorooka

    and based on Hotchips's recent thread...

    InBalance - around Logan somewhere :)

    Its further away but does look like the type of low-pressure, nice guy place Im after :)

    So, any personal experience or general chatter on these places? or any that I have missed that I should be looking at?

    Thanks for your input! :)
  2. Forget all of them and go to Team Moto at Springwood and do their two day course / licence test you will not regret it
  3. Do you know anything about their advanced courses? Their website mentions that they have them, but without details. Would like to extend my rider education sometime over the next few months.
  4. No but I was thinking about giving it a shot. The instructors definitely make it a good learning experience

    Geez these guys should pay me I talk them up so much :p
  5. I think I'll give one a try. Unfortunately they don't have any advanced courses (other than one for cruisers in November) scheduled yet. According to an email I had from them today, next one will probably be January.
  6. I went with HART at Springwood and my instructor was AMAZING! His name was Calum and he took extra time to explain things to me that were different on my purchased bike than on the bikes we were learning on. He even showed me some maintenance stuff like how to get my bike up on a paddock stand solo. Would highly recommend them.
  7. Thanks for the input guys, looks like my shortlist is down to a couple.

    Hotchips has filled me in about his experience with InBalance, and it really does sound great too.

    Just got to find the time to go do it :)

    Thanks again