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Choosing a lock for my bike

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by mattb, Nov 18, 2005.

  1. Similar questions have been asked about the best locks, but the votes usually go to disk locks. I don't have disk brakes, and so I'm looking to get a cable or a u-bar lock (for around $50-70).

    Which type - cable or u-bar - would you recommend?

    Which wheel do you think it is better to lock?

  2. Front wheel would be the one I recommend and any lock bar a Kryptonite. Plenty of bike shops stock cable locks, realistically, look at a bike shop, see what you want then get it from a hardware if you can, be shitloads cheaper (if cost is an issue)
  3. You want to lock up an SR185?......why?
  4. Because it's an "Exciter" perhaps? :D

    As an aside, people will knock of ANYTHING nowadays. One day I forgot to close my rollerdoor, next day I find my Ventura bag has been knocked off from the back of my bike. One thing in there that might have been worth $5 which was a Melways, apart from that nothing but shit in there....

    Also had a foam pushbike helmet knocked off one day from my pushbike at another rresidence, covered in bike grease from the chain, no cover on it but still someone knocked it off.
  5. Regardless what it is mattb , its yours and if you want to cable lock it , then lock it . You dont have to justify your actions to ANY1 here.
  6. Damn right he does... don't people realise that web forums constitute grounds for the posters to make any claim and judge anyone however and wherever they like! :p
  7. thats right, once you're here accountable for EVERYTHING you say and do :p

    seriously though, I'm most likely going to be getting a disc lock for my new bike as I assume there itsn't enough storage space on them for a big chunky cable lock? GSXR 600

    What are the best brand? or are they pretty much all the same?
  8. Was in reply to this

    incitatus wrote
  9. I like the U locks, but cable locks are potentially safer.

    I tried the little disk locks but I forgot I had them on (twice) so I decided I needed something more visible.
  10. Don't the twisty cables you run from the lock to your handle bar remind you of that?
  11. I was waiting for that question. :LOL: Because I like cheap thrills, and the Exciter is good for that. I just did the Dandenongs with an experienced mate on his Ducati Supersport 750, and though he had to wait here and there for me, he thought it did a decent job keeping up, even took it for a spin himself and was surprised by it (I ignore the laughter!).

    (I in turn tried his Ducati back in a side street - it makes you nervous riding a bike the fairings of which are worth about as much as your own bike in total!)
  12. yes they do but not all disc locks come with said cable, good reason (I think) to spend a little extra and get that cable.
  13. I have a Kryptonite snake lock. I don't trust myself with a disc lock even after all these years of riding :oops: . Its a bit bulky, but I almost always have a bag of some description so I just throw it in there.

    :D :D :D