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Choosing a bike

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by rowmer, Nov 27, 2008.

  1. Hey Guys
    I have done plenty of riding when i was a kid. haven't ridin for two years or so but want to get back into it again. I am a looking for a daily commuter as well as a off road tourer. I have about $7000 to spend. i will do about 50 km a day mostly highwat riding. And the off roading will be up the beach with some bush tracks with mates that have 4wd's. i was thinking a bmw 650 dakar or ktm 640 adventure but the ones i have found are a bit pricey for what they are. So i was wondering what other options are out there for a good reliable bike. With some good reveiws.

    Thanks guys
  2. Choice bro, you from New Zuland met?
  3. +1!
  4. choicing hey?
    choosing? maybe?

    dr650 :p
  5. Thanks i will have a look around for one. so there are no honda's or anything else that may come to mind.
  6. You could also look at:
    - Honda XR650L (or even an R)
    - Kawasaki KLR650
  7. a 650R would be trick.

    but again dr650 is a good cheap alround bike
  8. For what you've described mate, I'd be getting a KLR650;

    A bit less dirt specific than the ones the other guys here have suggested. Given that you'll obviously be spending a lot of time commuting in the city during the week, the KLR is going to offer more comfort than say a DR650 which is a great bike, but a little more dirt oriented.

    But thats just my 2cents worth.

    edit - Plue the KLR is only $7,990 brand new!
  9. But on the DR, your a$$ goes numb from the vibes after 30mins and from then on you cant feel a thing! :LOL:
  10. Dr650 $7500 ride away....

    Klr650 is another good choice too, the extra you pay is really for the bigger tank.
  11. Why not throw in some thoughts.

    For the money you mention the European stuff is barely reachable (in terms of late model/low useage) although you may find something if you shop around and have time.

    Otherwise, in terms of current bikes you could by new for the dollars you have three main contenders.

    Kawasaki KLR650 - around $8000 ride away. A good bike, more road oriented than dirt (as already covered) but quite capable on the dirt should you choose to test it out. Has a 22 litre tank (or is it 20), quite economical to run cheap all round.

    Kawasaki KLE500 - under-rated bike and again for the price you mention. Some find it slightly under-powered whilst others I know love the thing to death and cannot kill it no matter how hard they try. Again, a good choice.

    Suzuki DR650 - very dirt oriented (by comparison) but then is also a very handy commuter/weekedn trail hack. Light by comparison to the KLE/KLR (saving around 30kgs at least) and has a huge following internationally with heaps of spares/farkles available. Can be bought for around $7500-7700 ride away.

    Now, I am biased as I just bought a DR and while some people complain about the seat comfort (also been complained about on the others) I rode near 150kms non-stop on the weekend without an issue (but I do come with extra padding).

    All of these bikes will require dollars to be spent if, and I do mean if you wish to venture into harder dirt territory (generally you are looking at suspension, gearing and possibly pipes) but all are fantastic fun and commuters.

    Whatever you choose have fun with it and I will bet you find yourself smiling as you slide through the dirt.

  12. We have 2 KLRs...an '04 and an '08. Great bikes which we push the minits on. Both Stookie and I feel the '04 is the better of the two. It feels lighter and more manageable, sturdier and seems to have a little more low down poke. Brakes aren't flash and it struggles past 110km/hr, but does everything I ask of it well. The '08 feels heavier, the sidestand is terrible, the plastics are crap...a drop and they're busted :evil: :roll: , it uses a bit of oil and it feels sluggish low down. It comfortably does 120km/hr, brakes well and has much better headlights, though :grin:

    We have really enjoyed being able to get off the beaten track (literally!). We have fitted heated grips, crashbars, barkbusters, top boxes and aux charger to both, with the '08 also having panniers. We run TKC80s on both and have been very impressed with the terrain they handle comfortably.

    We are new to Adventure riding, so what we might think are difficult tracks others may say are easy, but I reckon we are pushing the boundaries nicely :twisted: . Snow, river crossings, over logs, rocks sand, etc. seem to be taken comfortably by both bikes.

  13. There is the 'set up' cost as well, depending on the intended use.
    If your going second hand then they will have the stuff ot hem already.. Bash plates, frame side protectors, front lense protector, etc..
    Larger tank maybe, storage rack etc..
    There are often a few set up bikes in the 'flea' market on ADVRider (website / forum) in the Aussie section..
    I use a DRZ400e for most everything i do, there is the 400cc range, DRZ, older XR400, etc, as well as the 250, $7k would go close for a new TTR /DRZ / XR /KLX, KLX being the newest update of bike, a lot xcan be done on them and with them, being light, easy to lift, work over rutts etc,
    DR650 look great in the new white, or Black (i think), KLE 650 (versys) KLE500 (second hand only options) good, LAMS aswell so all good there for the resale ish.. Fuel range, depends on the riding, high way to off road os maybe a gear changing thing if on a 250, not as big an issue i feel on the bigger thumpers...
    lots of options, have fun
  14. DR650 awesome bike
  15. Dont completely overlook a Vstrom either. I know they may seem more road oriented than you initially want, but that just means your daily on-road riding will be that much more comfortable. Stick a set of TKC80's on and a decent bash plate and you'd be well surprised how far you can get.
  16. DR650 !
    I went throught the same exercise as your doing now and ended up buying a new DR650, 2009 in the white.
    So far so good.