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Choosing a bike for Dad

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Chairman, May 14, 2007.

  1. My old man is 68. He's just back from Bangladesh, where he borrowed my sister's scooter. Before that he was in Greece, where he borrowed a mate's Vespa.

    He's decided he wants another bike. Must be a bike because (and I quote) "You really can't muscle a scooter around a fast corner, can you?"

    His only criteria is that it has to be bigger than his last bike. His last bike was a Honda Dream 350 - which he sold in 1963. In the meantime, he's pinched my 400/4 for a few months, riding unlicenced until I threatened to tell Mum. But that was about 10 years ago. He still holds a full licence.

    The bike will mainly be used for weekend cruising and to keep his road skills up for borrowing/hiring bikes overseas.

    He's 6ft, about 105kg, pretty fit (hikes in the Andes and the Yukon). Eyesight is good, hearing is terrible.

    Cruiser style would suit him better and 600cc is about as big as he needs. So, my thinking at the moment is the XV535 Virago, the Honda VT 600 C or the XVS650. Budget is about $7000.

    An upright mid-size tourer might do the job - I'd be happy to have suggestions but frankly, I have no idea what else is out there.

    All ideas welcome.
  2. Is he past a 600 Hornet?

    Thats no good if someone cant click on a link. Its only text FFS
    Where is this gem listed in the T & C? If it is I stand corrected :oops:
  3. Maybe a Suzuki Sv650 (naked - as more upright). Or an older VFR?
  4. If he's set on a cruiser the 535 Virago isn't a bad bike for the $$$ or have a look at the 650 Aquila (just dont expect much resale value)
  5. Although a bit bigger than you wanted, you can't go far wrong with a VT750. Shaft drive would be a bonus at his age when it comes to routine (and not-so-routine) maintenance.

    Cheap to pick up 2nd hand due to the low new price, or buy a new one with efi.
  6. As far as tourers go a Honda 650 Deauville might be worth a look. Even though pretty much every review seems to agree there's absolutely nothing wrong with them they're often overlooked simply because they're not as fast as a sports, or as big as other tourers.
  7. you mean 700 right :p :LOL: sorry had to
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  9. No I don't. Current model is a 700 but that would be over the 7k budget - all models pre-'06 (I think) are 650cc.
  10. there was a pre 06??? never knew that was told it was a all new bike
  11. He's too young for a cruiser :p

    A 650 Strom might be a worth a look. Rode duncanp's on a renowned bike road up here (Wollombi) and a really nice bike. I'm 6' 1" and the screen did create a bit of buffeting above 90kmh, but you can make some adjustments and also go aftermarket.

    As your Dad is the outdoorsy type, the Strom will easily take him along smooth gravel roads (and some not so smooth :wink: )

    Agree with the above on a Deauville, and maybe look at a KLE500 or a Transalp as well, though these are a bit more dirt (great on secondary tar roads as well) than road, but still relatively vibe free and six speed boxes
  12. VT750 would be perfect, everytime I see one I think 'that is an old mans bike'.

    Very low seat height, The engine is one of the cheapest and simplest you could find, no reliability drama's, built to be very cheap to own. Supposed to be a doddle to ride

    Downside is performance- there is none. Overpriced too.
  13. Yep, started out as the naked NTV650 Revere in the late 80's - fairings and hard panniers were added in the late 90s to turn it into the Deauville. Mechanically though not much changed, even the current bike is basically just the old engine bored out to 680cc (conveniently rounded up to 700 for marketing).
  14. I tried to ring him to suggest this, but there's no answer. That usually means he's in his workshop rebuilding the 302 Windsor V8 in his '68 Fairlane 500 project. :wink:
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  16. Sounds like he's got the heart set on a cruiser. Virago 535 has a lot in it's favour - shaft drive, low maintainance bike, but put them back to back with any other cruiser they do look a lot cheaper.

    Shadow 600 or 750 would be good - despite my pathological hatred of Hondas (and yes, Celery, but lets not mention that here :roll: ) they are a good bike.

    But any of the 500-800 cc cruisers should be in the market depending on age.

    For a cruiser it's the miles it's done that really matter - having the "latest model" is kind of pointless in a cruiser which already looks 40 years old anyway.

    Best of luck with it.
  17. Triumph Bonneville!
  18. Looks like the Deauville is a goer - I showed him the photos and that's the sort of thing he's after.

    Now - what are the equivalent models in the other manufacturer's ranges?

    Forgive my ignorance - I have a very short attention span when it comes to multicylinder bikes, so I'm really not up to speed on models after about 1985.
  19. The only (modern) bike that I can think of and would compare it to is the BMW F800ST. But the beemer is in a whole other price range.

    Maybe also the Suzuki GSX750F (although it's an inline four).