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Choosing a 250 All-Rounder

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by mattb, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. I love my 1981 SR185, but she’s just a little lacking in the power to do a country trip, and so it’s time to get a loan and a 2nd hand 90’s 250. I’d like your opinion on a good 250 all-rounder.

    The problem is I’m attracted to a couple of bikes that don’t seem as obviously all-rounded as others, but perhaps they are for my needs…

    I’m spending $3000. Bikes on my short list are eg the Suz 250TU, the CB250, GN250, EL250 and Virago etc. (I like a more classic look - no fairing, or insect-like naked bikes :) ) I've watched the market, and I can definitely score such bikes, in GC, at that price.

    I like to sit upright. I like to do places like the Boulevard, sometimes cruising but sometimes I like to race it. I also ride in the inner-city (Carlton, CBD) a lot, and enjoy the challenge of agile traffic-negotiating (another reason for a 250 – I reckon a small bike’s more fun on city roads). Am also intending to do some longer Hwy cruises next summer - I also enjoy easy-riding, with a comfy pillion behind me. What I really need is two bikes – a comfy up-right cruiser for those days where my mood is such as to cruise along a deserted street below the speed limit, and for those other days when I want to fly, a nimble café-racer etc. That's the complication, I suffer two contradictory riding personalities who dominate with equal regularity, but two bikes I cannot have (postgrad student povo budget). So I seek the golden-mean. Aesthetically, to complicate things, I really love the EL250 (and the Virago's not so bad either). Are those bikes – esp the EL250 - much of a muchness in comparison with the others, as a bike to meet a number of styles, at least for a rider such as I have described myself (and who's not demanding the performance of a racing-leathered motor-reving type of guy)? Or is there another you could recommend, in my meagre price-range.

    There’s clearly no ‘right’ answer, but I’d be interested in your opinions.

    Cheers, Matt.
  2. Borrow a bit more and buy a 250 Hornet, see pragnasty's epic Bowen trip for a testimonial

    {is there a cracked record somewhere round here....?}
  3. A mate of mine absolutely loved his Honda CD250U...

    But I thought it looked like a postie on steroids.

    Which was fair enough as his previous bike was a postie...
  4. Buy a 250 Bandit, old style but with fairly modern performance.
  5. How long before you are off restrictions?
    Put that 3k toward a bigger bike, and put up with the 185?
  6. totally agree a suzuki bandit gsf250 is a great first bike----