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Chomper hit the deck AGAIN

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Phanoongy, Nov 1, 2006.

  1. About a week back on the bike and the bike hit the deck again! Totally my fault…..
    I was pushing to get threw a late yellow light in heavy traffic, not noticing that the traffic had stoped halfway into the intersection,(was doing a head check to change lanes) I managed to stop before I ran up the ass of the car in front…but I gave her a soft drop in the middle of the intersection, only damage(other than pride) was scratching to my new top fairing, left mirror and indicator…I also put a small bend in the clutch leaver as for me I am feeling a little tender in my left arm ( I guess im evened up a bit as I still feel pain in my right arm from off in February)

    Mind you this is the 1st time ive had to pick the bike up after it’s fallen over and I felt like I could have done it with 1 hand!!!! I was feeling that mad with myself….
  2. bugger mate... i'm sure we'll all let you know our... umm.. sympathies on Monday ;)

    Wanna buy my 250? ;)
  3. Dude, you need an old priest and a young priest. How many's that?
  4. Bugger indeed.

    Anyone else noticed that it's really easy to pick up a bike when your angry at yourself? I reckon it's all that extra adrenaline running through you makes it that much easier.
  5. More importantly - how would you rate the stoppie out of 10? :p
  6. pfff i dont count that as a crash....if the bike can still run its only an opps...not a crash!........and i dont count opps!!!!

    and as to you booga...i would rather get another across than buy your bike!!!* :twisted:
  7. oh bad luck mate...... glad to hear there is no major damage though..... and even better you sound like you are alright too

    take care out there

    cheers stewy
  8. Just lucky I dont dislike you for your choice in bikes ;) :LOL:

    I know where you live :p
  9. Justin, do you think this may be a sign to get that bloody bike insured now??? :p
  10. I think it's sign to get rid of it altogether !
  11. Sorry Justin but Im with Doonks on this one..

    Get rid of it, its cursed..
  12. Better to drop than crash I guess. :)

    Glad you're not real banged up this time. :)
  13. Damn...... arent you glad you hadn't painted it yet. :shock:
    Glad everything is ok though.
  14. Just don't make it a habit. Glad it was a drop and not anything else
  15. Maybe it's time to make some mods to the CBR, something like this perhaps? :p :LOL:
  16. Sounds like farmer Phanooooooongy is itching to plow some fields again :LOL:
  17. Justin, you need some *serious* help with this riding caper....maybe training wheels, spokey dokes and tassles from your bar ends, with a basket on the front!

    Methinks you need to pay more attention when on two wheels :wink:

    Glad you're OK :grin:
  18. Amazing how many stupid moments you can get away with, but then before you know it... Least you're ok.
  19. You should try pickin his 600 up it weighs a ton :LOL: :LOL:

    P.S....You dumb bastard Noogy :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  20. Nah - then we'd be hearing all about the little problem Justin had while lane-splitting!

    :p :LOL: