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Choking when ridden

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Not4Resale, Jan 5, 2008.

  1. Okay im not very mechanically minded at all but unfortunately my sisters fiance has bought a caravan and quite thoughtfully parked it in my driveway blocking my path to the garage so I've had to leave my bike out in the open air and rain. So anyway, I had been taking the car for a few weeks and left the bike out there for about 2 weeks and after cleaning the cobwebs on a good day I decided to take her for a ride but when riding, it seems to choke when it hits certain speeds like 40, 60, 80 etc. then it rides through it till the next choke point. My friends said its either dirty fuel or something burned out, can't remember but does this sound like something a mechanic needs to deal with? I'm quite poor so want to avoid trips to the mechanic at the moment.

  2. Maybe telling us what sort of bike it is, and whether it goes as you change gear, would help.


    Trevor G
  3. Drain the fuel and put a tank of e10 in. Make sure the tank vent is clear and all vacuum lines and fuel line are attached well and are in good condition.
  4. Honda Spada, well I enventually took it to the mechanic, it turned out to be both fuel hoses were blocked up with a bit of rust or something and I got charged $176 for labour. Is that the standard price for 2 hours of labour? :cry:
  5. It's a bit rich. 3 hours, maybe 2 1/2 but if it was exactly 2 and no material or consumables then I'd like to know which shop it was.
  6. Yeah sounds a bit steep.. and there probably wasnt anything blocking the lines anyways.. My guess is they would've drained the old fuel from the float bowls, fuel lines etc and whacked some fresh petty in there. Even if there was something in the fuel lines should've only taken them an hour surely!?!
  7. So after posting here once looking for advice you took it to a shop anyway :?

    Move the frigging caravan :mad:
  8. That's fair enough. Even plumbers charge at least $80 an hour.


    Trevor G

    PS Thanks for also letting us know the solution.
  9. You can get water coming in through the fuel tank cap too. I accidentally left the TZR's empty fuel tank in the rain and it got water in it.
  10. thanks for the help guys, I wasn't impressed with paying that amount but I do like my mechanic, I won't say who they are but they're quite well known in south sydney. I'm sure I'll accumulate some mechanical knowledge over the years so maybe in the future i'll be able to save myself some money, or even mess the bike even further with tinkering....oh well, live and learn.

    Thanks a million again :LOL: