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Choking, then engine shuts off while riding.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by out_of_order, Dec 22, 2006.

  1. Hi fellas.

    Yesterday I took my bike for a ride (30 C ish degree, riding in Twisty), and while i was riding the bike suddenly choked and spatter and some backfiring occured. The first incident i was riding about 80 and in 4th gear i think sitting at about 6000rpm, i decided to accelerate but not hard just gradually, but then the bike would choke (revs dropping) and want to turn off. I then thought maybe i'm in the wrong gear so i changed to a lower gear. Still the same thing would happened. So i then pulled over and turned off the engine, and then check the fuel and turn it back on since there was plenty left in the tank. The bike then ran fine for a while until the same thing would happen again, but this time there was backfiring and when i pulled over the bike just chocked and turned off itself. I waited for a while just to make sure before turning it on again to ride home. Everything seems ok on the way home.
    Just to note I was running BP ultimate at the time, I normally use Mobile Synergy or Shell Optimax.

    Could this be that i have a bad batch of fuel or is there something wrong with my plugs, airfilter or fuel delivery?
  2. what bike you riding?
  3. Yep all of the above
  4. I'm riding a 2001 yamaha r6.

    Ok so i guess i will change to different fuel. Freakin BP. I always seems to have trouble with them either car or bike.
  5. Hmmm, BP is normaly one of the better ones, most people seem to have probs with Shell.

    Could just me some water in the fuel. put about 500ml of Metho in the tank for a start.
  6. Here we go again.

    Tank vent or vacuum line to the tap

    Man theres been a lot of these lately.

    If it's FI, then it could be the fuel pump.

  7. I'm sorry but i don't compute? ](*,)
  8. had this problem a few times on the ride to melb from sydney in the heat
    maybe fuel vaporisation?
    I get the basic idea of what happens but dunno if it was hot enough to make it happen, but could be possibility right?
    my whole bike was getting hot including frame
    after it stalled I'd give it a bit of a rest with the thermal fan going and it would go fine as nothing happened.
  9. Um if i remember correctly, it was not too hot. just around 30ish.
  10. Is the bike fuel injected? If it is then the fuel pump may be cactus.

    If not one of two things will be the problem:

    1. Vaccum line to the tap. It's either not connected properly or it's deteriated. A poor fuel line connection will also present line this.

    2. Your petrol tank has a vent. This stops the fuel from drawing a vacuum inside the tank and allows it to keep flowing. They can easily become blocked. To check it, next time it stops, open the petrol cap and listen for a "woosh".

    There are 3 other threads in the last few weeks on this topic if you wan tmore information.
  11. This is exactly what happens. I did what you said and i found that at the bottom of the fuel tank there are two tubes that seems to vents and suck in air. They were wedged in between something which made them blocked. It's fixed now and there is no more woosh when i open the fuel cap.
    Haven't yet tanken it for a ride to see if it's completely fixed.