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Choke Trouble

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by owenst, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. My 2003 GS500 E developed a strange problem this morning,

    I had it serviced about 2 weeks ago and have only ridden it about 4 times since and this morning when I tried to start it up to go to work the choke did not seem to be doing anything.

    I would usually put the choke on full, turn over the engine and let it run for a minute or so before letting the choke off and thhen getting on my way.

    This morning if i had no choke and tunrned it over, gave it some revs, it would idle, if a little low (usuaally idles about 1500 but only at about 1000 today)then if i tried to put the choke on it would give a litle rev and then completely die????

    I rode to work any way and just kept my revs high at first till the engine warmed up but then tried the choke thing at work (15 minute ride later) and same again - ANY IDEAS?

    Cild this have been caused by the person servicing it?

  2. Firstly choking a hot engine will kill it anyway...
    As for the "service" you will need to check to see if the carbs are actually closing off the throttle boddies (should be a butterfly flap) you will need to remove the aircleaner to have a look. Its possible the chock cable is only increasing engine revs now and not activating the butterflys. Did the service include a carb balance or anything like that?
    Most bikes will start and run without choke unless its very cold. Mine does and I just give it a couple of light revs while I'm putting my gear on and its right to go.

  3. Thanks, for the reply, I will have a look at what my service included and go from there,

    Any idea what a gs500 should idle at ?

  4. I removed my choke cable becouse of crash damage... I was doing courier work, and warmed her up every morning for a good 10 - 15 mins, and got 160 000 kms out of my '88 spada before the bottom end stuffed up. I used a Throttle Lock (like a clip that is installed next to your grip) that I got from petey stevens in the city (melb) for about $30. It simply holds the throttle open a little bit, as my bike refused to Idle in the morning, but started up no problems. Alternatively I would wind the Idle on a little, but the throttle locker was a great investment (also used to be able to ride no-hands, and go thru the courier box while moving... Had a steering dampner installed afer a nasty tank-slapper. very silly)
  5. Thanks, Nice2Bnaked

    I dont think this is going to cause me major dramas, as I managed to get the engine warmed up this morning withh relatively little trouble it just seems strange that it has happened all of a sudden,

    Does anybody know if its possible my choke cable has Just slipped and could easily be tightened? I dont really even know if that is possible not really got that much know how on the subject but willing to have a crack...

  6. Try here. http://gstwin.com/every4000miles.htm
  7. idle at cold is about 900-1000rpm

    if it is a warm morning the bike wont start on the choke and as said wont run if you put the choke on after start up