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choke me

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by pragnasty, Apr 25, 2005.

  1. can someone please explain something to me

    please be gentle.

    to ride the bike choke is shut right??

    so my lever on the left grip looks like this right

    [/] |
    .... |
    .... | .. |
    .... | . \|/

    and when im riding the lever is down right??

    :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :roll: :roll: :oops: :oops:

    cmon!! i havent ridden a bike for like 8months and ive forgotten
  2. Choke on to start, choke off to ride. I know on my bike choke-off is pushing it away from you, choke-on is pulling towards. Generally a lot hard to put choke on than off (ie, more resistance to you putting it on).
  3. thank god for the anonymity of the internet :p
  4. Down is usually on., unless hondas really are backwards :wink:

    tomorrow morning give it a go, with choke lever fully up will it start and run?

    try fully down, will it start?

    Once its running, before it gets warmed up, adding choke will speed it up, reducing choke will slow it down.

  5. ok, i believe i have a firm grasp of the whole 'is the choke on or off' dilemma however my question is, on cold mornings, how long do people recommend warming the bike up for (before riding) and the length of time to leave the choke on for?
  6. I generally start the bike with the choke on full, then once it's fired up I reduce the amount of choke until the bike's running at something close to its usual idle speed. Then I head inside to put my riding gear on.

    Back to the bike, cut the choke to nil and (usually) she'll idle fine. If not, use just enough choke for the first minute or 2 of riding to ensure it doesn't cut out when you throttle off, then take the choke back to nil.
  7. I am lucky enough for my bike to be fuel injected, it does have a fast idle for really cold mornings to help it get heat a little quicker but I rarely use it.
    When I get ready in the morning I will start the bike put earplugs in and then helmet and gloves and by that stage can ride away albeit slowly and not loading the motor up until I get the temp on the temp guage to about 45 or 50 degrees then can ride normally (well almost until I get some heat into the tyres)
    Hope this helps in some small way
  8. choke? whats that for. oh obviously you not riding my fzr. It floods at idle so if pulled the choke i'd prolli hysraulic lock the barstar D. rofl :LOL: :LOL: rofl