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Choice of Gloves

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by LPCIII, Sep 27, 2006.

  1. I need some help on choosing a pair of gloves, there are 2 particular pair that I am looking at.

    1) Spidi Comp Glove



    2) Rjays Viper Glove


    I quite like the blue/white colours and particularly the Spidi glove, but I have been told that the Spidi's don't last long because they are a racing glove and are made quite thin. Also Rjays are a bit cheaper, but I think that shows in their quality of product.

    Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated.


  2. I have a pair of Spidi Carbotechs. One model up from the Comp i think, but same leather thickness.

    It is rather thin, but I like em cause they have good handlebar feel, and free hand movement. I probably need a new pair now. I bought em 5yrs ago so not sure if that is not lasting long. I've had a few offs, one one of them buggered up the palm because of rough bitumen. Other than that they're fine.

    Probably not the best glove for surviving falls. But they won't just "wear out" cause they're thin. They do tend to stretch a bit tho.
  3. I have a couple of bits of RJays gear. It's cheap crap.

    The gloves of theirs I have are really poorly fitting. I don't think I'll ever buy another one of their products.

    I know Spidi boots are meant to be pretty averag in their make, but the right price for their quality.

    I look at things in terms of cartons of beer. Would you pay X cartons of beer more for soemthing that is going to last y% longer and work better during it's use?

    For cheaper things, cups of coffee work.
  4. Does any one have any suggestions of other worth while brands?

    Oh and budget is up to about $170.
  5. My husband and I both have the competition gloves, but we have both worn through the palms. We have had them for 2 1/2 years, so I don't think I would buy them again.
  6. I wouldn't be worried about the Spidi gloves wearing out, I'd be worried about the Rjays gloves falling apart.

    Riding pants, inner gloves and neck warmer. All three are the basis of my experience with Rjays. Each of them has started to fall apart at the seams. It would seem to be a matter of you get what you pay for. Rjays are a lower cost brand and from my experience this equates to lower quality.

    That being said, I havent used any Spidi accesories so don't have a baseline for comparison, but if it was me, I'd try something else before going for Rjays.
  7. I bought a pair of Alpinestar GP pro's from BikeBiz the other day, cost me $180, I love em :)
  8. I've got a pair of Joe Rocket GPX gloves and I couldnt speaker higher of them. Although, in saying that I havent had an off in them and ive only had them for about 3 months. They are VERY comfy and i dont have to take them off to handle stuff - ie a wallet at the servo or a helmet etc. I got the GPX at one of ACTIONs sales for $99 reduced from about $160 or so. I have last years gloves but a a review for the new ones is available through this link.


    I've also got a pair of Dri Riders that i use for winter and I barely feel the cold through them - although you dont have nearly as good a 'feel' as the GPXs'.
  9. Alpine Star SP2's great gloves, and come in blue/black and white
  10. I have a pair of C&R gloves for summer, their great.

    I just ordered my 2nd pair of Winter gloves - DriRider Highlanders. I say 2nd caus ethe first pair, which were only around 18 mnths old, were stinky, so the missus decided to soak them for me in Napi-San over a weekend. They literally split on every seam.

    Leather doesn't like Napi-San

    That aside, they're great gloves.

  11. what a coincidence... I am starting to look around for a pair of summer gloves.

    Currently have Alpinestars SP2. Love them.. But I find that in hot days.. it's a bit warm and sweaty.

    Went and had a look at the Alpinestars S-MX 6 gloves tis afternoon and very comfy.. I might get a pair when summer comes... Price is reasonable. around $80.

  12. I have two RJAYS jackets [leather and textile] and a pair RJAYS leather armoured pants, and I frankly couldn't be happier with them... the leathers are crash tested and held up a treat.

    Can't speak for their gloves though.

    I don't have any brand loyalty when it comes to gloves. My fav pair came out of a shop bargain bin...
  13. i have a pair of agv sport gloves... got em on sael at team moto online..... got em for about $110 or so... they are awesome for me.. only had em 4 months and still feel same as when i bought em.. comfy... good feel.. feel safe with em on... have breathable knuckles too... and the armour across top knuckles... definately shop around to find good ones.. try different stores....
  14. Once you've had them for a bit longer you won't recommend them. I will again strongly recommend against Joe Rocket gloves. The ones I got did not live up to my expectations at all. They weren't waterproof & they fell apart at the seams - I think I was lucky I didn't put them under the real test of crashing them! I highly doubt they would have held together at all.
  15. I'd go for the Spidis. In fact I did. They offer great "feel".
  16. What was that about speedos??? Oh, did I read that wrong? ;) :LOL:
  17. That Sir may be a Freudian side step. :LOL:
  18. :LOL: @ G.

    You'd reckon that between you and me G, we'd be able to well offer glove advice! ;)
  19. well thankyou boys and girls for all your help I guess I have a few to try out and see which ones fit.