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Featured Choice for New Scooter

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Peony, May 11, 2015.

  1. BMW C 600 Sport

    2 vote(s)
  2. Aprilia SRV 850

    3 vote(s)
  3. Yamaha TMAX 530

    4 vote(s)
  1. After my weekend away I got to thinking about what I could upgrade to next (in about 12 months time – maybe a little earlier). Whilst I love my Aprilia 300 in certain situations a little more torque would be advantageous (interpret that as entering the freeway into a vicious headwind and really needing a little more power)

    Have 3 options, each obviously comes with its own advantages/disadvantages and ultimately a test ride is a given. But I am interested in what some of you might think about the possible choices.

    1. BMW C 600 Sport
    2. Aprilia SRV 850
    3. TMAX 530

    The BMW, according to the specifications can do 175km top speed, the seat height is 800mm (not really an issue as the current one is 815 mm) . Wet weight is 249kg (presently mine is around 175kg) ABS is standard - I can also get some factory options fitted including heated seats, heated grips & daytime riding lights plus a couple of other options. The BMW has a 16L tank. Cost around $14K

    The Aprilia has a dry weight of 260Kg so it is starting to get a little bit heavy for me – again would have to actually see what it feels like – pretty much the same dimensions as my 300 – the 850 does have a 18.5L tank – about 3 litres more than the 300. Also has ABS as standard. Cost $15K

    The TMAX is 222 kgs with 15L of fuel. Seat height is 800mm. ABS on this one as well. Cost about $14K
    I am probably leaning more towards the BMW or Aprilia and the BMW comes in an awesome blue – yes I am that shallow at times!!! (I bought the car I drive because it came in the particular colour I wanted) :p

    BMW C 600 Sport.

    Aprilia SRV 850.

    TMAX 530.
  2. None of them have the redeemable feature of being able to slot a case between your legs. Though you could probably get a box of wine.
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  3. smileedudesmileedude but I could strap it on the back no problems!!! though whiskey is my tipple of choice and I could fit a few bottles under the seat no worries
  4. Um, why not get a *cough* real bike next time?
    If you're sticking with scooters go the BMW or a second hand DN-01 they have aged very well.
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  5. You're not tempted to jump ships to motorcycles yet? They give you pretty well the same excitement as a scooter but they make you look heaps cooler.
  6. ^^Worked for him.
  7. I look cool enough :smug: - have thought about an upgrade to a motorbike - did own one for a while and truth be told I enjoy the scooter more - does everything I want :p
  8. If you like the Ape and want to keep things scooter-esque; why not consider an Aprilia Mana?

    Great 850 V-twin with ample torque, pared to a clutchless 7 speed "automatic" gear box.
  9. BitSarBitSar would only be able to get a 2nd hand one as they are no longer available in Oz but It looks pretty awesome. The Honda CTX700D with DCT features a second-generation automatic six-speed Honda Dual Clutch Transmission that uses two hydraulically controlled clutches to deliver quick and smooth gear changes in a choice of three modes: Manual (MT), which allows the rider to shift gears using buttons, and two automatic (AT) modes—S for sport riding and D for everyday use.

    could be another option

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  10. Looks like the update to the DN01 I mentioned earlier, give it some serious thought, they're really good machines.
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  11. PeonyPeony, just tell Clint you have signed up for a fat bob, you want to get a "serious dude" attitude about biking. Take a photo of him when you tell him, that would be entertaining.

    And no need to thank me for such an enlightening idea... :)
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  12. WombleWomble will do - iClintiClint was also suggesting this one as well as an option
  13. First thing I saw too....

    Looks like the old Honda "Stingray" the bike which was coined to change motorcycle commuting

    They weren't marketed all that well and never really caught on.
    Might be time for a revival......?
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  14. I have always wanted to lead a revival ;)
  15. How 'bout a revolution?

    But um yeah.......this one isn't an 'Auto'
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  16. The instructor fella, at the last advanced course I did, rode one. He was able to pick and chose any Honda from the range and rode a DN01.
    He had nothing to prove and rode every day come rain or shine, that's got to be worth something.
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  17. I love that in the Honda bumf they call the transmission HFT.
    Human, Friendly, Transmission..............sooooooo Honda.

    Human friendly.........bwahahahahahaw - meet Asimo. Remember this guy?
  18. Is that "THE STIG?"
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  19. #19 Q3Arena, May 11, 2015
    Last edited: May 11, 2015
    Star Bolt C Cafe. The Hellcat might blow the budget :) How about the Bolt Cafe? Only 690mm stand over height :)
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  20. Q3ArenaQ3Arena $50K is a little more than my budget :D