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Choice for front brakes

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by QNBEE, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. Hoping I'm in the right category for a new thread, if not I'm sure I'll get pulled up by a moderator very shortly lol

    Currently my bike is in pieces in the garage having her Winter makeover and I am wanting to change the front brake pads but not 100% sure as to what brand is a good brand for her.
    I can naturally go into a store and being a female that isn't too confident in what brake pads she needs can be ripped off and sold the most fandangly brand and be none the wiser in her purchase. Yes I have trust issues lol
    Can anyone please give me some insight as to what brand you use, what you recommend, what to stay the hell away from etc

    The brands I have so far researched are:


    Thankyou in advance to anyone with advise
  2. Brand & Model of bike???

    No point putting sintered race pads in a postie bike....

    SBS, EBC, Galfer, Brembo, Ferodo, all solid brands

    Goldfren ...not the most performance orientated pads...
  3. I think QNBEE has a sports oriented 600 IIRC, maybe an F4i or fireblade. Edit: lol, too fast for me. :)

    Hey Qnbee, I've tried some of those brands on the 9R.

    Metalgear - OK
    Goldfren - wouldn't do it again, but were cheap.
    SBS - ?? N/A
    EBC - HH sintered, OUTSTANDING.

    I had EBC's HH metal sintered before, then went the less expensive brands for a while, but have come back to them. Sensational. Initial bight is high so I've had to moderate my initial braking approach, but squeeze as hard as I can after the initial braking. I dig them.
  4. ^^ both my bikes had ferodo when i bought them, both were given EBC HH and the difference is PHENOMINAL.
  5. Rob she's just a 600f

    Thanks for the advise guys, I've got an EBC kit I have my eye on so after that bit of advise I think I shall go ahead and purchase them :0)
  6. Another quick question, what does it mean when they advertise brakes as "organic" I know what organic means normally but when it comes to brakes it's got me all confused?
    Are they better performers being organic or is it much of a muchness?
  7. IIRC organic is a basic friction material matrix. Fine for street situations but not as "strong" in the braking department as sintered metal pads.
  8. Ok sintered it is then, thanks Rob :0)
  9. I wish I could help but in all truth, I've never actually had to replace a brake pad. What the hell are you doing to them? :shock:
  10. You need to get out and ride more.
  11. Hmmm, yeah maybe i do. :-k
  12. LOL yeh what he said ^^^^^

    Seany are you kidding me, you haven't ever had to replace your brake pads before, you of all people I would have thought you would have used that huge shed of yours to tinker with your bike lol

    Or have you just taken your bike to get a service at the mechanics?

    If neither then yeh you really need to get out and ride more lol

    Or on the other hand you are such a crazy rider when you do ride alot that you don't ever slow down for cnrs etc you just fly around them

    (making myself sound like a pussy now and that I stop constantly, hhmmm actually I do)
  13. Riding more wouldn't increase wear significantly. I just don't use them. I rely mostly on engine braking so never have to put a lot of stress on the pads. As a result they've never needed doing. :)

    The main purpuse of brakes as far as I can see is to stop the bike rolling backwards at stop signs.
  14. Brembo = Win
  15. Use your brakes! That keeps them in good condition. Imagine the brake caliper piston sitting in the same position year after year because the pads never gets worn down. It will seize and a costly repair is coming up. Cheaper and simpler to wear down a couple of sets of brake pads.

    Just my opinion.
  16. lol, I use them when I'm stopping or light touches here and there. If they were going to seize, I'm sure they would have done by now. I just don't abuse them because I don't need to. It's got nothing to do with preserving pads. It's just how I ride, and I do it reasonably well. I doubt aiming for a smooth and consistent approach to riding requires any level of mass hysteria. I didn't post to discuss riding technique I was just having a dig at Alli.(y)
  17. I put a set of the EBC organics in the Beemer ,they were cheap.And stop me good

    But like seany ,Im light on the brakes unless i just screwed something up.

    The organics are pretty good , even seemed grabby at 1st . That could have been me and the power assisted system ,now they seem smoother ,but still do the job without trying to throw me over the bars
  18. Even more OT.

    You notice that the calipers has seized when its hard to take them of the brake disk. They should basicly just slide off and the piston should be easy to push back into the caliper when putting new pads on.
  19. Just don't buy the cheap Kevlar pads!!!
    Decided to try them on the Z. Advertised as 'premium pads'
    They work, but much 'softer' (not spongy) feel.
    Just not a lot of feedback with them (ABS notwithstanding)