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Chocolate Run?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by es, May 29, 2006.

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  1. Who is interested in a chocolate tour? I need to know whos up for it so i can tailor the route a little better & maybe ask a couple of you to be group leaders and such.
    let me know if you are voluntering for a position of responsibility :)
    It will be on a saturday in june. probably the 10th.



  2. i believe you have selected the long weekend there.
    You may not get a huge turn out if people are going away for the long weekend...
    I know I for one am.
  3. Chocolate on the 10th of June: I'm highly likely to be there, unless I give in to the temptation of the Raven track day at Broadford.

    eany meany miney mo
  4. That will be a yes. !!
  5. I'm in, as long as wheather is good.

    Last nite's ride home was not fun at all :(
  6. What :shock: It was great fun (Rolling burnouts FTW :LOL:)
  7. Its the only weekend I have free.... and my freeness is more important than yours ;) :LOL:
  8. Put me down for a probably. If I can make it, I'm happy to take on a job for you. :)
  9. Dave and I should be there Eswen, sounds like fun....and chocolate....mmmmm :grin:
  10. Make sure you come cashed up, some of these places were charging $94 a kilo :shock:
  11. Oh, and you could probably put down Cadbury aka Shannon, she's always up for a chocolate fest ;)
  12. Sounds like Couverture.
  13. I do not think I can make this as I do not finish work until 1 pm on the day in question.
  14. thats ok, we will be stopping in several easy to find places... perhaps you could meet us in [insert mystery location here]?
  15. Put me down as a maybe (bike better be fixed by then). If you're going where I think you're going then I might join the start in Melbourne but head home my own way. Might be able to round up another rider or two unless they have other plans for the long w/end.
  16. I dont think im going where you think im going... we are staying in the city :)
  17. Fine, in that case I'll just go on a ride by myself then [-( :)
  18. aw cmon itll be fun.... if you do want to come you can stay at my place :) maybe ill try to get a geek night happening on the 10th too
  19. Yeah okay consider me a "maybe" at this stage, already eaten all the chocolate from Saturday so need to restock.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.