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Chocolate Run - Sunday 9 March 2014

Discussion in 'VIC' started by GreyBM, Mar 1, 2014.

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    Date: 09 March 2014
    Meeting Point: 7/11 Service Centre/McDonalds Outbound (west side), Western Ring Road - Google Map Reference
    Time: 9:30 am meet for a 10:00 am start
    Destination: The Chocolate Mill Mt Franklin (near Daylesford)
    Distance: About 230 Km
    Finish point: The ride will finish at Bacchus Marsh (about a 40 minute easy Freeway ride back to Westgate Bridge and Melbourne)

    It’s on again. The Chocolate Run.

    For those who aren’t familiar, the ride will be to the Chocolate Mill near Hepburn Springs. If you haven’t been on one, this is one of the most popular events to be run on Netrider. Let’s face it, combining motorcycles and chocolate, why wouldn’t it be popular.

    As some of you may know, I am running the Pakenham leg of the Black Dog Ride on 23 March 2014 and it will be starting from the Pakenham library. As the local council wants about $200 up front for hall hire, I am running the Chocolate run to raise some funds to pay for the hall. So this ride will be a fundraiser and I am asking that people who come on the run will donate $5 towards covering the cost of hall hire. If we get more than I need to cover the hire fee, I will donate the rest to Lifeline, which is who the Black Dog Ride is raising money for.

    If you can’t afford to donate $5 please feel free to come along anyway and donate whatever you think you can afford.

    The ride will be a cruisy affair, given that we may have a large number of bikes along. The ride is suitable for learners/new riders and for those who have never ridden on a group ride before, this is a good ride to find out what riding in a group is all about.

    The ride will be about 250 Km long and will be broken up so that we won’t be riding for more than an hour or so without a break. The ride will head to lunch in Woodend and then on to the Chocolate Mill where we stop for a bout an hour to allow people to stock up on goodies and buy hot chocolates. The ride will finish officially at Bacchus Marsh, an easy 40 minute ride via the Western Freeway back to Westgate Bridge and Melbourne and riders should plan their own best route home from there.

    The route will incorporate some 100kph cruisy roads along with some narrow roads and twisty bits which newer riders need to take at their own pace. However, provided you can ride at the speed limit on straight stretches and at the advisory speed sign on curves, then this ride should be suitable for you. If you haven’t been on a group ride before and are unsure, please ask. We will be using corner markers so people should be able to ride at their own pace without the fear of getting lost.

    Short of Apocalyptic weather conditions, this ride will go ahead rain, hail or shine. However the areas we will be riding through are cold, so if it is a cool day, dress warmly.

    Fuel is available at the start point, the lunch point and the finish.

    Please fill when you arrive at the meet point, so you start the ride with a full tank. If you are at all worried that 230 Km is getting close to the range for your tank, please also fill up again during the lunch break.

    Please note: Because we will be taking a few long breaks on this ride, the ride will go all day and it is unlikely that you will return to Melbourne before about 5:00 PM.

    Northern Feeder Ride
    McDonalds Plenty Road, Mill Park Map
    Time: 8:30 am for 9:00 am start
    For information: Contact CJVFR

    Official Disclaimer: Please note that this ride will be organized by me and while any funds raised will be used to pay costs for the Pakenham Black Dog Ride, this is not an official Black Dog Ride and the Black Dog Ride organization in no way involved or responsible for the ride.
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    A short notice Chocolate ride. :) I'm a starter.

    You have your date wrong in the post though. - All seems fixed now, the phantom editor strikes again.
  3. #3 Greydog, Mar 2, 2014
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    I'm SO in. Gotta do a choccy run! Although I'm probably the ONLY person that doesn't actually like their HC much...but LOVE their choc icecream with hard choc topping.

    ETA: Yes, date in header says 9th March, but date in post is 23rd March - BDR date.

    ETA Again: All fixed now.
  4. pick pick pick.
  5. #5 Stever42, Mar 2, 2014
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    We'll be a definite.
  6. Bugger! I'm flying that day for work. I've been hanging out for this too. :(
  7. Giggity
  8. Bugger I will be somewhere of the coast of King Island when this is on, would have liked to come along on this one.

    Have fun all.

    Cheers Jeremy
  9. I think the Mobil meet point has been rebrandedto a 7-11. Unless I have the wrong one in mind
  10. I'm in. My first ride!:D
  11. I'm on, post it on facebook as well @GreyBM@GreyBM gotta get as many as we can, happy to corner mark for yah too.
  12. Can't make this one. Spewin'
  13. wont make this but I will be at the BDR ride from pakky
  14. I think I can make this one. 1st choc ride since I started riding
  15. Sounds awesome Dave. I just hope I have my bike serviced and foot peg replaced by then :)
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  16. LOVE chocolate!
    I might come, but have to find my way home by myself. 230 km and 7 hours is being a bit too social for my taste :p Need to be back in the city by 2:30, so have to do my homework and actually look at maps prior departure.

    Now the question is only what time we're expected to arrive at the chocolate mill.
  17. Will this road be by-passed? If yes then I'll en-devour to come along. :)
  18. I let GreyBM know on FB ....
    He's going to check it out himself and find an alternative road if necessary ... :)
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