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Chocolate Run - 12 Aug 2012

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by GreyBM, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. When: 12 Aug 2012, 9:00 am for a 9:15 am briefing and 9:30 am start.
    Meet point: Maccas, Millers Road, Altona North. Meet point is shown as Point B on Google Map Fuel is available 600m away at Caltex servo shown as Point A on Map

    Destination: The Chocolate Mill, Mt Franklin (near Daylesford)
    Distance: About 330 Km, However in the event of bad weather the ride will be pruned back possibly to around 275 Km
    Finish point: The ride will finish at Bacchus Marsh (about a 40 minute easy Freeway ride back to Westgate Bridge) Riders should plan their own best route home from there.

    Back by popular demand, the Chocolate Run is on again. For those who haven't been on it this ride is one of the most popular Netrider events with over 80 riders attending the last one.

    The Ride is learner/new rider friendly and is a good ride for those who have never ridden on a group ride before to find out what riding in a group is all about. Although the ride is about 300 Km., there will be rest breaks so that you will never be riding for more than about an hour at a time.

    The route will incorporate some 100kph straight roads and some twisty bits which riders need to take at their own pace.

    It is likely that people will organise their own feeder rides to get to the start point form various suburbs and as I get details of these I will amend this post to include them. I will also update this postfrom time to time to include latest info, so keep an eye out on the first post for latest details.

    Fuel: Fuel is available 600m from the meet point from Caltex Servo just back from corner of Duosa Road and Millers Road shown as Point A on meet point map.
    If coming from Melbourne take Millers Road exit from Westgate Freeway, Turn Left into Millers Road and immediately take right lane and turn right into Duosa road.
    If coming from Werribee direction take Millers Road exit from Westgate Freeway, turn Right into Millers Road, pass under the Freeway and Turn Right immediately into Duosa Road.

    Please arrive with a full tank of fuel in time for the briefing.
    There will be a fuel stop at about 170 Km and fuel is available in Bacchus Marsh at the finish.

    Feeder Runs: Feeder runs will be held from the following locations to bring people in to the main meet point. If you have any questions in relation to the Feeder Run please PM the Feeder Run Leader. Please show up at the Feeder run with sufficient fuel to get to the start point

    Frankston North Feeder Run
    Meet Point: Maccas, Frankston North Cnr Ballarto and Frankston-Dandenong Road
    Time: 7.45 for an 8.00 leave.
    Feeder Ride Leader: Streetmaster

    Roweville Feeder Run
    Meet Point: 7-11, Cnr Wellington Rd and Stud Rd, Rowville
    7.45am for 8am SHARP departure.
    Feeder Ride Leader: Greydog

    Mordialloc Feeder Run
    Meet Point: Tour de Cafe Carpark, Pier Rd, Mordialloc
    Time: 7.45am for 8am departure.
    Feeder Ride Leader: Ultram
    This ride will stop at BP Elwood (Staurday Practice location) to pick up riders there.
    Note: No fuel availabel at feeder meet point. Please have sufficient fuel to get to BP Elwood.

    Elwood Feeder Run
    Meet Point: BP Servo St Kilda Marina, Marine Parade Elwood
    Time: 8:25 am for 8:40 am departure
    Feeder Ride Leader: Ultram

    Doncaster Feeder Run
    Meet Point: Doncaster Shopping Town, Cnr Doncaster Rd & Williamsons Rd, Doncaster, outside Australia Post shop
    Time: 8:00 am for 8:15 am departure
    Feeder Ride Leader: Roderz
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  2. Note that this is a United fuel outlet, and as such, may not have fuel suitable for all bikes. Check yours, and fill somewhere else if necessary.

    I've sent an email to ask if their Premium 95 is ethanol free, and will report back here.

    I'm in.


    Note: As meet point/fuel point has changed, the above no longer applies.
  3. I' ll come and play
  4. Well that was quick. Apparently the Premium 95 has no ethanol, but they don't sell it at either West Gate outlet. So anyone with a bike that can't use ethanol will have to fill up elsewhere.

    GreyBM, will there be a fuel stop on the way somewhere? I'm assuming so, but am new to the world of thirsty bikes.
  5. I will check what the United servo has in the way of fuel. And yeah there will be afuel stop somewhere. Not sure where as I haven't worked out the route yet.
  6. giddy up!!
  7. Darn it. A month before I can ride, maybe you could push it back to September 7th. ;) :p

    Will have to give this one a miss :(
  8. I'm there
  9. CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!! :dance::tantrum::dance::tantrum::dance::tantrum:

    ...I may be somewhat excited :angel:
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  10. I'm in provided nothing unexpected happens between now and then that would stop me from coming.
  11. What's not to like - NR, Bikes, Winter & Hot Chocolate! (y)

    All in one day. :D
  12. Dammit. Will be my first day back at work after annual leave, would have liked to have gone on this one. Maybe next time.
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  15. correct
  16. Awe crap, none of that is good for a ZX9R. What a crock!!
  17. I can bring some homebrew corn oil if anyone needs it :p
  18. Moonshine??? :D
  19. I'll be coming along :)
  20. In like a robbers dog.

    (No idea where that comes from, but I'll be there)