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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. So what did I do tonight?

    Went out chocolating with Eswen.....

    My Doctor is going to kill me if the cholesterol doesn't first :LOL:

    But it was fun, and if you haven't done it, you should....

    {Just don't tell your doctor!}
  2. I seriously hope this is the term for eating chocolate and not the description of a theme night at the Blue Oyster Bar or something....
  3. What's chocolating?

    Sounds kinky ;)
  4. consumption of only, you pathetic perverts :LOL:
  5. Oh god I'm still in pain from the last time.
  6. I'm starting to get the impression that you have a thing for this eswen chick, Hornet?

    Another mid life crisis looming?

  7. Well, scooter, apart from the fact that I'm old enough to be her grandfather, and have been happily married for 33 of those years, no!

    No, it was a fun night, and Eswen is great company. As is Lids, with whom I had lunch on Tuesday, Sahsa who I visited on Wednesday, TonyE with whom I had lunch yesterday, and Stookie and Lil, who have extended to me (again) the hospitality of their house, and their love and friendship.

    It's Netrider; connecting riders. Nothing more, and nothing less :grin:
  8. Sounds like you're going to need a break to recover when you get back Paul.
    Have a good trip back since I probably (as usual) won't get to Southbank tonight.

  9. since when was eswen a chic ? (oh, that rhymes ! :LOL:)

    You learn something everyday.
    As for chocolating ! Was it brushed on or hand applied ?

    +1 for the pathetic perverts ! :rofl:
  10. Micky, you'll have to pay more attention in class, or these important bits of information will continue to pass you by...

    Eswen is indeed a young lady, bright, full of life, and with a million dollar smile. She rides a GPX(?) 250 Kawasaki, and is one of the three-lady team who competed in (and won) their class at the scooter marathon (ibid)

    Oh, and I forgot to mention a wonderful blast round the back streets of St Kilda and a sumptuous hamburger lunch on Wednesday with DuHAST! Thanks, mate, that's on the "must do again" list :grin:
  11. I feel your pain Paul..my sister used to work in a Belgian chocolate shop, they made teh cream filled, pralene filled chocolates, anything more than a day old was thrown out or brought home by the staff. I can't eat Belgian chocolate any more! :shock:

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. nice to catch up with you paul, see you again when you come down for the bbq :)
  13. :rofl:
  14. I'll keep an eye out for you tomorrow if I do the whole trip in a day, Joel. If not, I guess you won't be working Sundays anyway :grin:
  15. c'mon Paul, i don't do character profiles on all users here ! . . . only on some ! :LOL:
  16. we nailed it already, worked too fast!
    but that means ride day tomorrow for me :woot:

    you will see my work though :oops: