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Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by katcando, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. do you think the kids would notice if i ate theirs before they get back from dads????

  2. .. well I know I would :LOL:.
  3. I buy my own and won't share, so ner :p
    smiley_zzchocolatebunny. smiley_zzcandybar.
  4. Yeah but..................what if i lie about it or sumfin

    how bout

    the dog ate the easter bunny
  5. can't blame the dog - they're not allowed to eat chocolate
    could say the tooth fairy's gone on a health trip & confiscated it all :p
  6. i wouldnt say the dog ate the chocolate....just the bunny

    now the tooth fairy is a good idea.....considering i just had a tooth out
  7. One bonus with the little one at daddy's for Easter - the Easter Bunny doesnt have to spend as much money at MY house :LOL:

  8. another bonus is i could go for a ride (cant fit two on me bike)
  9. i bet you ate them by now
  10. *****um****** :---) no

    but i did get taken on a poker run today on a buell.
    I really needed a ride fix

    I miss my bike

    Think im gonna go find some more chocolate :(
  11. ummmm talk about chocolate i cant wait till easter ends so i can get them on sale... :p
    I'll be the first person waiting at the door :wink:
  12. My wifes son keeps pushing the point that he got more easter eggs at his dads house than ours. We just tell him that the easter bunny must have thought he was there for the weekend and not here lol.
    He still had some eggs from last year in his cupboard after christmas so i think he just likes to have them for the sake of having them. So just 1 big egg and a bag of little ones this year.

    He is 11 now and I am sure that he knows the truth about the easter bunny, but is just playing along to get more eggs lol