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Choc or Team Green ?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mickyb V9, May 11, 2006.



  1. Mundine

  2. Green

    0 vote(s)
  1. I'm reckon GREEN !

    How about a one off Netrider meet at Homebush or somewhere to watch and have a brew ! :grin:
  2. I hope he kills him !
    I cant stand mundine or what he stands for .
  3. I hope Green wins but judging by the odds i think he'll have a lot of work to do if he wants to come out on top.

    Should be an awesome fight whatever the outcome
  4. i'd be in for that!!
  5. Foxtel are chraging FIFTY BUCKS for pay per views of this fight. FIFTY BUCKS. My jaw dropped when I heard it. I can get blown for half that much.

    I must get into the punch up business.
  6. I thought this poll was going to be about chocolate :(
  7. I want Green to beat the snot out of Mundine, but I get the feeling it'll be the other way around.. :(
  8. I personally think Green has alittle more power then mundine which MAY help him if he get a couple of really clean, power shots in. Ohterwise i think Mundines speed and quick feet will get the better of him. I don't like his media antics but i do like the bloke and i hope he wins!!!

    MUNDINE FTW!!!!!
  9. Green all the way, been waiting for years for this fight.
    Wednesdays is pint night at the ryans(local pub) too, should be a good one :)
  10. OH when u put it like that, i was actually planning on paying for the fight lol

    I hope green kicks his asse, it's time mundine is put in his place, however it will be a very close fight
  11. Mundine will be too quick for Green, and don't believe that Green is more powerful, Mundine is no soft punch.
  12. Mundine is an obnoxious, delusional, self-aggrandising, narcissistic tool.
    Unfortunately, he's going to win.
  13. . . . . and Kawasaki owners are probably just picking Team Green with no idea of the event. :grin:
  14. Yeah, I was trying to make the connection between chocolate and Team Kawasaki Australia myself....
  15. Gees I hope Danny KOs him, cant stand that Mundine fellow :mad:
  16. I hope the team kow-a-socki smashes the cadbry kid all over the place, or at least breaks his mouth enough for him to never speak again. Doubt it though.. Should be a good bout.
  17. Boxing is such a barbaric sport, I don't know how you can watch it :LOL:... Joking...

    I think Mundine is a tossa :jerk: , he just really erks me when I see all the bull Sh!t that he goes on with, and Well honestly Green doesn't say much.

    I really hope Mundine gets the piss beaten out of him, but I think he is pretty damned quick, so as has been said before, if Green can land a couple, I'll go Green, maybe TKO, but if not, Mundine will win on points I reckon, cause he has the ability to just rack up points with lots of little (if you can call professional boxing little hits :LOL:) good hits.
  18. Mundines a wanker and after he gets his ugly head smashed in he will collect his cash and go back to playing rugby with his bum buddy russell crowe
  19. hehehe yeah the guys got a big EGO - but i think good on him if he's good then why not.
    Although if he beats green then watch out - he'll create his own street parade.
  20. :LOL: Yeah We'll never hear the end of it, and him telling us thats how you get "respect" biatches... "respect" :LOL: