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Chk-Chk Boom

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by CamKawa, May 22, 2009.

  1. How come it wasn't called it "Chick Chick Boom"?? :roll: :LOL:
  2. Just to be anal, I thought the "chk chk" sound was usually associated with a pump action shotgun?

    A pistol, if anything, would just be "click, BOOM", no?

    Does this mean we have to question the integrity of the witness?

    And the bloke reckons it was a glock, so clearly not a shotgun. One feature of the glock is that the trigger is the only operating element, so I am guessing that one would not need to pull back the hammer prior to pulling the trigger (the "chk" sound of "chk BOOM").

    And to be honest, when she goes "eh you slept with my cousin eh bru", sounds more like a kiwi accent.

    So many questions, so few answers...

    I guess I'll just wait for the answers when she poses in ralph / zoo / FHM. It is gonna happen - she just got herself an agent.
  3. I know stuff all about pistols but don't you need to pull the slide back to chamber a round,thats click back and click again as it springs forward,that is unless numb nuts was carrying it with a round in the camber and relying on the safety to not shot his own nuts off with it down his pants.My take on gun safety is belts and braces,keep the shotgun broken until you need to fire,bolt open on a rifle .
  4. Didn't Will Smith say that with a few more Chk - chk's ??? . . Booom ! :grin:
  5. From what i remember about playing with uncle Danny's guns back in South Africa, the old six shooters don't need you to cock the hammer back.

    I think it just moved the trigger back and made it go off with a lot less effort.

    *Note, was not playing with loaded weapons :LOL:

    I was only had full authority over a BB gun

  6. I'm certainly no authority - was thinking the old revolvers from the westerns where the hammer was manually reset. I think they've been auto for a long time.

    but at any rate, is it realistic that she would have heard "chk chk" before the boom?

    If only she'd said "tic tic tic tic BOOM shake shake shake the room"
  7. yeah you might be right on that...I'm no gun expert that is for sure.
  8. She may have flunked political correctness, but she's not bad looking.

  9. If I were clueless I wouldn't be trying to pick a hole in someone's story, even if she were a dumb mole.

    Revolver: pull back the hammer - one "click", pull trigger. Or if it's a double action, no need to cock it separately, squeezing the trigger does the job.

    Semi-auto: generally slide back and forward, two "clicks" if no round is chambered, or simply pull back the hammer if chambered but no cocked. Glock has no external hammer though.
  10. ha ha ha! ouch dude!

    Well today I've learned something.
  11. Ah :eek:

    So i'm guessing I was toying with one of these double action thingymajiggs.

    At any rate. I was always more impressed by the shotgun! It wasn't a pump one... i think it was called browning or something... It was big and heavy and made my 8 year old self feel like a fully fledged man. :LOL:
  12. Oh yeah, learning shotguns as a small kid, adds about 4ft to your stature in about 3 seconds flat. I still remember with fondness, learning to operate an old side by side 16-gauge break action with my grandfather. Double triggers and all sorts of old school jazz. Had the pretty engraving on the stock plates and all.

    Poor bloke got shot, but it must have been worth it to generate this sort of notoriety. As Ali G said. R-e-s-t-e-c-p. Restecp.
  13. I can't believe you're all discussing the accuracy of her chk chk boom statement. She's a coked up mole that has no fcuking idea what she's talking about. The new Corey Worthington.

  15. He has a point.

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  17. Also, there is a lot of bullcrap about carrying a loaded gun here. Do you think police, military and the like carry the guns unloaded?

    Their guns need to be ready for any eventuality. No crim is going to give them a couple of extra seconds so they can cock the gun an be ready to shot.

    Glock guns have a safety in the trigger.it is like a little tongue in the trigger that needs to be pressed before it allows the trigger to complete its full movement. And for the majority of automatic guns with an external hammer, you can load a bullet into the chamber and then return the hammer to its closed position without firing and because most guns nowdays are double action the gun would still be ready to fire.

    It was actually a stupid thing that he needed to cock the gun before opening fire. What would have happened if the skinnier wog had a gun and was ready to defend himself? He would have had a second or two of advantage.

  18. errr, is it just me that sees a girl impersonating the people that are accused of the shootings???