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Chivalry is not dead...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Misty, Dec 22, 2005.

  1. I have just got home from a very stressful experience and feel the need to share it :oops:

    I work on St Kilda Rd, and am in dire need of summer gear, so I finished early today and went in to the city to get me some summer gloves.
    Haven't ridded or parked a bike in the city before, and battling the xmas crowds was not a good way to start, but after several goes round the block, I parked on La Trobe St, just near the corner of Elizabeth st, and wandered down to Mars and got some nice gloves.

    Got back to the bike - started, stalled, wouldn't start again. Sounded like the battery had all of a sudden died :cry:
    Rang and wailed at my other half, who was no help at all as he was miles away.
    I can't push it as I have a bodgy back.
    Went to Peter Stevens, and asked if they had any mechanics in need of something to do, they sent me round to their workshop, so round I go and tell my tale of woe.
    Really nice bloke walked back round to the bike with me, had a go at starting it, then pushed it all the way back to the workshop and push started it down the hill. Miraculously, it started :D

    I offered him $50 for a slab of Xmas cheer (beer) and he wouldn't take it :shock:

    Then rode all the way home stressed out of my tiny mind that it was going to stall and not start again, but here I am to tell my tale - with a nice cold cider in my hand :D
  2. Peter Stevens fixed something without charging you at all???? :shock:
  3. Nice to hear!!! :)
  4. Peter Stevens fixed something??
  5. He was booty blinded!
  6. They are good blokes at the service centre in Little Lonsdale St.

    Dont believe a word of the Anti Peter Stevens stuff you read on this site.

    They are the business - Massive range and mega bucks to be saved on selected model runouts.
  7. LOL @ Dingleberries
  8. You showed him your boobies didn't you :)
  9. I am pleasantly surprised.....
  10. .......that she showed him her boobies :)
  11. When my old Fizzer ran out of juice and i pushed it from Exhibition St to Elizabeth St, not ONE bike shop would even discuss it with me let alone help me with it.

    If only i was female. :roll:
  12. yep, definately showed him yer boobies :LOL:
  13. LOL, if I thought it would've helped I probably would have :LOL:

    As it was, I was glad I'd come straight from work and looked half-way decent & had lippy on :p
  14. :LOL: :LOL:

    It must have been the boobs!
  15. :?

    You have obviously been lucky enough to get, what we others call , customer service from them??

    I, on the other hand, am able to bag them. I have, at various times, gone to buy 2 bikes from them, as well as various expensive accessories like helmets. To my surprise, I have been totally ignored when I go in, and not taken seriously, when looking to purchase the bikes.
    I galdly take my custom elsewhere.
  16. Christmas cheer at work, see? Great to hear of people still willing to help without thought of reward, a Merry Christmas to him!
    And Misty, get your voltage regulator checked......
  17. Really great to see that the Christmas Spirit and Chivalry are still around.

    Are they nice boobies???
  18. Hornet600 just wants a peek of the boobies (or should i have said 'Horny600')
  19. Btw, um... maybe u need a new battery... (not good enough?)
  20. Yes Misty in the spirit of Xmas I think you should show us all your "bike mechanic mesmerising" boobies :p