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chitty chitty bang bang

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by heavyw8, May 15, 2005.

  1. hi all.

    my brothers Honda NSR is back firing just before power ban hits at 8.

    i know he ran standard unleaded with a 2 stroke fuel from shell. 'shell svx 2 stroke oil', despite my suggestion not to.

    it seems to have occured following the input of these substances but would like to know others opinions on what may cause a 2stroke to backfire pretty agressively in the same spots - between 6 - 8000rpm .

    cheers again

  2. Has he tried Premium 98 octane fuel (not optimax)?

    I don't know alot about 2 stroke engines other than a higher octane fuel reduces/prevents misfires.
  3. hmmm... I'm not an expert on 2 strokes but sometimes you can get a build up of carbon in the exhaousts... when it get real hot and not all fuel is burned (usualy at high RPM) the carbon can ignite the unspent fuel...

    Why was your brother runing it on shell fuel?? and using their oil?? Almost every one I know who rides bikes complains about backfiring when using shell unleded and Optimax.... And their 2 stroke oil... I would not put that in my loan mower!! it smokes to much!!
  4. lol i agree about shell products... not to mention they are not the most reputable company when it comes to human rights... :evil:

    cheers :)
  5. Their 2 stroke oil is awesome. Their normal unleaded and the middle (eg. 95-96 octane) is fine for bikes, its only optimax thats is evil. Its full of detergents that are great for a slow reving 4 stroke motor but disolve the precious lubrication on the bores of a high reving motor cycle engine, especially on a two stroke where lube is so vital.

    Lordb could be correct, however it doesnt make it run worse. Is it running bad or just popping? The best way to fix the carbon build up is to unbolt the stingers from the expansion chamber, light a nice fire, stoke it up so its really hot then throw the expansion chambers in the fire for 30 minutes or so.

    Id prolly begin by taking it to redwing (if your in melb) or another top notch service dept. and have it serviced and tuned properly.
  6. cheers cowboy...

    there is a definite lack of power when it sputters and pops.

    as for the maintanance of the bike, best in the hands of a prof as neither of us know much about the mechanical side of it all.

  7. Hey guys,

    Just reading and educating myself. Is Shell fuel treated the same around Australia? coz Shell fuel up here is crap too..
    I don't use it because it makes my bike run rough especially when cold. I use 98 octane and she runs beautifully.
  8. heavy I'd be getting him to drain that tank and refill it with another batch of fuel. I regularly run optimax in my NSR with no detrimental effects the fuel is denser and designed for fuel injected engines so while not ideal for a carburetted engine it certainly wont kill it.

    I have found though my NSR can react badly to some fuel you put in it and there is no rule I've had reactions from premiums from Mobil BP and Ampol (after the reefton run when we stopped at healesville and filled it ran like a dog all the way home). I drain it take it to another servo fill it and the problem disappears.

    Slap him if he's not using a fully synthetic oil in that bike! If he's using the crap from the local shell its probably mower grade and has fouled the plugs and power valves
  9. hahaha

    i agree, a good slapping is in order!

    let me know when your going for another run and i will bring my bro along. cant have too few 2stroke representatives i say!

    thanks two pot.
  10. Unless it Shell VSX-2. That stuff is nice oil, in my experience second only to castrol race 2 (which is $25 a litre).
  11. Yeah I have used the VSX-2 as well cowboy.. I prefer Motul 600 But hey could most of us tell the minute difference in performance or wear characteristics in any of the high grade synthetic oils?

    Heavy.. be great to get all the 2 smokers together. Might be a few weeks though. I have mine in bits in the shed with an electrical prob, plus another one coming this week that I've just bought, then another one being delivered for top end rebuild.
  12. True indeed. Little difference. The Race 2 I noticed a bit of difference. The bike would happily rev about 500rpm higher than the others, and it was much less smokey on start up.

    I gotta get mine going again, its been sitting on the verandah for 18 months in pieces :) I need tail section, and some kinda headlight setup on the front, streetfighter style.
  13. Shame on you Cowboy! What sort of tail you looking for? Something like a Tyga tail or a stocker?
  14. I would be putting fresh plugs and use premium unleaded (not optimax) and DON"T use any 104+ octane booster or injector cleaner.

    Check the powervalves as they may have carboned up?

    When changing from different brands of 2 stroke oils, make sure the old oil is completely drain, as different 2 stroke oil may react and turn into jelly.
  15. He put in Shell Fuel... he is a fool and the bikes performance will be a result of that...

    ... at least it didnt cost him $800+ to get the bike running after putting $8.46 worth of fuel in :x :evil: :x :evil:

    *Disclamer* The Boogieman does not have a good relationship with shell and thus his opinion is somewhat tainted.......
  16. daaaaaam $800. for a bit of shell.

    thats pretty poor.

    i have never really noticed how many shells there are around unitil i was low on fuel and desprerately seeking a station .

    its always the way!
  17. Well i can only say NEVER go to the Shell at the city end of the Eastern Freeway. I think i posted my rant about it when it happened, but that was about 6 months ago now. Not only did the service station attendant refuse to switch the pump on until i had no just taken off helmet & gloves (i always do that anyway), but get off the bike and look like a tool as i put the fuel in at an arms length.

    Regardless of the poor service, that was THE worst fuel i have ever put in my bike. Just standard unleaded (my bike runs a lil rich as it is; doesnt need Premium to help that ;))... and it ended up coughing and spluttering, stalled at the lights after a km or so down the road. Rubbish petrol.
    Drained the entire tank (all ~$10 ripoff! ) and went and fetched some juice from my local no-name servo that i trust. Filled it up a bit and took a bit to get it going (with the Shell garbage still in the lines & carbys)... then back to purring like an angry little kitten.

    After that, i religiously avoid Shell... and complain at anyone i know who uses Shell (usually by telling the the FULL story).