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Chipped windshields, anyone?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Azamakumar, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. Was driving home today when I thought there was a spec of rain on my windows, flick the wipers on but it was still there and bam day ruined. Nfi when/how it happened. Have been driving all of yesterday/today doing errands etc and I can't for the life of me remember hearing a crack or anything so I'm guessing it was while I was parked.

    It is literally about the size of a raindrop, smack bang in the middle of the windshield. Anyone had any luck with that chip fixing stuff? Is it an issue for pink slips (I think it's coming up in late nov or dec)? Or should I just get onto insurance and get them to take care of it and every other little scratch I've gotten on the car since I've started driving?

  2. o'brien/novus are awesome, get onto them ASAP.
    IIRC cracks are fine for RWC if they've been repaired (they're still noticeable but filled with goo)
  3. I've had some really major stone chips fixed. Some have been invisible, others detectable if you knew they were there. All have been cheap compared to a new screen.

    Check your insurance. You may well have windscreen cover.
  4. yes you can get diy windscreen chip repair kits and they work awesome, but you must do it as soon as you get the chip. you're better off getting a kit and keeping it in the glovebox rather than going thru a windscreen repair place.
  5. For road worthy stuff its an issue if it affects your vision (or obviously if its big, think ballpark measurement is bigger then a 20c piece?).
    I had two tiny ones on the old cage - behind my rear view mirror and one in line with the bonnet and no road worthy prob.
  6. I had chip repaired through RACV about a year ago, and has been fine since. Cost $80 and came with guarantee that if the crack opens up they will replace the windscreen.
    As Mr Messy says, they will only repair if less than 20 cent piece and not in direct line of sight. Mine was just to the right and up a bit.
  7. id suggest you dont use o'brien or the franchises as they charge a lot. I had a crack and got a small one man operation to fix it and it was a third of the price.

    If you're lucky you could get a diy one but ensure you do before the crack gets bigger (and hence more expensive)
  8. Other option is to take out optional wind screen insurance, and in a few weeks... not sure if it affects your excess though.
  9. Don't think it has with mine. Pretty sure QBE allows you a free windscreen once a year without penalty.
  10. Those DIY kits are good for small cracks. I used it and it works, you inject a liquid into the crack for a minute so the liquid penetrates and then put on this clear plastic and park in the sun as it hardens in the UV light. Once dried and hard, peel off the plastic and use a razor to scrap off excess. Crack is gone. Most auto shops have it.

    But if you have a chip and missing some glass you could use the DIY kit but would need to do it twice. First time to seal the cracks and second time to fill in the hole to make it flush.

    Obrien does chip repairs, they just use the same method to inject something into the crack.

    As for replacing the windscreen, go to a good place as sometimes when they replace it they don't seal it up properly and can get leaks and rust can occur.

    If you car is dirty and windscreen is dirty, the rego place might not pay any attention the the winscreen, they just check tyres, lights and brake test.

    However cracked windscreen can get bigger over time so better to sort it out.