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Chinook Rescues Rider.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Day, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. That's awesome!

    I'm sure there'd be easier ways of getting a ride in one though.

    As an aside, I love this pic...

  2. :shock: the guy was out in the desert riding alone? Even with a beacon that's taking a bit of risk eh?
  3. Needed large helicopter to carry giant balls of steel.
  4. I like how it mentions how long it would take to drive out there... forgive me but a lot of the large stations have helicopters, never mind any of the airports in the areas...

    Our Tax dollars at work, couldn't of asked for a better way to get picked up then in a chinook. I bet they brought the bike back too.
  5. That pic is just freakin awesome!
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  7. thats f'ing wicked, hope the brushed the floor with fish oil after that water rescue :LOL:
  8. Report says he was riding across the desert with friends. Scarey shit all the same.

    When I lived in Canungra, Qld - early (very early) one morning, 6 chinook flew several low & slow passes over my place. All you heard was a rumble. Then this mass of darkness come over head. F%cking brillant. :grin:
  9. and I thought a chinook was the one John West rejected :shock:
  10. Ah! No, that's a oncorhynchus tshawytscha :grin:
  11. The chopper was in town refueling on a cross country run when the call came in and as you would expect they helped out.

    Funnily enough I don't mind my tax money being used for this sort of stuff.
  12. You're right, Thera, there may well be closer transport.
    But I think because of the potential complications associated with the man's injury/ies, it was deemed prudent to utilize the chinook & it's facilities - ability to carry more medical personnel/faster/smoother ride (I'm presuming).

    Win/Win alround - Woo!Hoo! ADF
  13. Anyone know if the FRDS, has access to an Helicopter? This situation, would a be a great reason for them to try and get one.
  14. No better training than the real thing - you can't buy that kind of experience for that crew.
  15. +1 +1
  16. imagine they pretend its a training exercise. the guy all he sees is a massive chinook land, guys run around with guns and secure the area and medics run down. they pick up everything and get back into chopper.

    His face would be gold when he sees a massive chinook, but when they run out with guns :rofl:
  17. I think you'll find most farm choppers are single or 2 seat units and aren't set up with a stretcher or enough room to fit one in.

    Have a look at one of the Medivac choppers at how they load & unload the patient and the amount of space they need to fit the patient & flight crew & medics inside. I've loaded a few people into a few different choppers after crashes at the PI & Broadford tracks over the years.

    The RFDS probably wouldn't use choppers because they are more expensive to operate than fixed wing aircraft and also slower with a more limited range.
  18. maybe then This would be a viable alternative, if funding wasn't such a big issue.

    Maybe this could be a new role for our defence forces in the future. All the Army pilots I have ever had the pleasure of talking to have wanted more air time.